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techsmexJuly 18, 2014

Can anyone tell me what type of plant this might be?

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I'm sorry: I can't remember the name. I can't remember how I was able to find it before. It is essentially a weed, but I believe that I found that some in Asia eat the stuff with the flower. Perhaps they even cook the leaves similar to Poke Weed, but perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me about that. With all that almost useless info, I just wanted to let you know that you can consider it to be a weed and yank it/them out.

edit--- OK, found it by searching on 'heart shaped leaf weed'. From Wikipedia: It is Velvetleaf and has been grown in China since around 2000 BCE for its strong, jute-like fibre. The leaves are edible, stir-fried or in omelette. The plant is known as maabulha in the Maldives and its leaves were part of the traditional Maldivian cuisine, usually finely chopped and mixed with Maldive fish and grated coconut in a dish known as mas huni.[4] The seeds are eaten in China and Kashmir.[5]

Wikipedia goes on to say it is invasive in the US and inhibits conventional crops.

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Great info chas045! I was hoping it was a vegetable of some sort. Oh well, maybe I'll try the leaves.


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