These are NOT the cucumbers I planted!

lilionJuly 26, 2012

I have massive vines, but no cucumbers. Except one. This one.

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Armenian. yep, if you expected cucumbers, you definitely have a surprise.


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zzackey(8b GA)

That looks like a European seedless cucumber to me.

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Help! Unless I'm crazy, that's an Armenian Cucumber, right? The funny thing is, I planted Straight 8. I'm sure of it. I thought the vines didn't look quite right. They seem to be lighter in color and really, really long. Sadly, that is the ONLY cucumber on the vines. And there's LOTS of vines. I'll post another photo of them. So, I guess my question is, what do I do with this? I don't know the first thing about Armenian Cucumbers. How do I know when it's ready to pick? And are they slow? Will I get more? I've seen literally dozens of male flowers, but no other females. I can eat this is salad just like regular, right?

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Armenian cucumbers are actually a melon, but you can eat them like a cucumber. They are likely better picked about a foot long or so. If the plants don't get disease and die, they likely will make a few more.

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Thanks, I really hope so. I'd still like to know how I ended up with Armenian cukes when I the package (the cheap ones from Walmart) said Straight Eight. But, hey! It's a garden surprise!

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"when the package (the cheap one from Walmart) said Straight Eight."

There's your answer right there.

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Those are Armenian cucumbers. They seem to be the only cucumbers I can grow here in AZ. I had a bonanza this summer. The great thing is they nevere, ever get bitter, even whe enormous. I mean huge, like 10 pounds! I made a ton of pickles this summer, lacto fermented kosher style. They are also really good with a bit of rice vinegar and onions.

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I hope you remember the company so you can let everyone know as well as the company themselves that they are not dependable.

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I really don't remember. They were the little 99 cent packets at Wal-Mart and it was months ago. But I did get several in the end. Enough I gave some away. It was strange, but they were delicious. I took some sliced to a family gathering and my sisters-in-law thought I'd gone to the trouble of cutting them into the cute little flowery shape, which was pretty funny. Everyone liked them. I'm going to have to try growing them again on purpose.

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Definite mix up when the seed got packaged! I have not eaten armenian cucumbers in many years. Sometimes gardening is a surprise.

I bought some 'Heavenly Blue' morning glory seeds a few years ago and planted them on a trellis. They grew well but when they bloomed they were 'Grandpa Otts' not Heavenly blue. I was sure disappointed!

A few weeks later some more of my morning glories started blooming and I then got Heavenly Blue flowers. I concluded that the seed packet contained mixed varietes by accident. They probably ran one batch thru in the packaging equipment and did not have all the seed run thru before starting on a different variety. In my case the results were good and I had two types of morning glories on
one trellis.

I had this on carrots also as a few of mine last year were
Atomic Red when I had planted Royal Chantenay. I got one bright yellow carrot in the mix too.

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