Questions on rhipsalis/hatoria(behind on scientific names)

teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)February 25, 2013

I saw a beautiful Ripsalis at lowes. I was wondering

How much light
How much water
How much fertillizer?When
Do they flower. please show me photo

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Teen,

Since you're no longer new here, you need to pls. start doing some of these searches for yourself.

Since you have the botanical name try the following search:

'Rhipsalis/Hatiora, care of'

which will answer the questions you listed. An Image Search by plant name should yield pix, maybe some w/ blooms.

I'll start you off by sharing that these are tropical cacti, I believe native to jungles of Central & South America.

Important question: will you be growing this indoors or outdoors?

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So teen, Rhipsalis/Hatiora are at
woohoo, I need to get out more.

As some have found out not everything is the same
in the care of plants, whether indoors or out.

Even though I did do a search, 'Rhipsalis/Hatiora, care of'.
I asked and received help from someone here with
the care of my Rhips when my plants were not doing
well last year and now they're growing wild!

I hope this site continues to be a place where folks can ask
questions without being chastised when answers are given
quickly and freely to others.
I see why so many don't return.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't believe I did any chastizing, if you're referring to me.

This young person is extremely interested & pretty involved in plants (certainly knows enough to start doing so). If you look at their Member Page, you'll see what I mean. It stands to reason it's time they did some of their own searches.

If folks come back & say after doing a search of their own they did 't find 'Z' out or wish more info. about "Y", I'd certainly provide additional help.

There's more to this story than I'm saying here, but since I didn't chastise them & made a point of being polite yet informative, I don't believe I owe more of an explanation.

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AsarumGreenPanda(z6 MA)

Hello Teengardener -

I used to grow quite a few different Rhipsalis and (/or) Hatiora, and have found that different types have different light and temperature tolerances. What one did you see? Can you describe it if you don't have the name?

At the moment, I only grow what used to be called Hatiora salicornioides. It's a very tolerant plant. It's currently about 4' from a south window, but behind a few other plants. It does get direct sun, but not for the whole day (and I live in MA, where the sunlight's pretty weak in winter, sigh). I usually put it outside in the shade in the warm months, but it does okay when left inside, too, in the same window--because it's a S window, it doesn't get much direct sun in the summer. The plant makes little yellow flowers, primarily in fall but also in spring. Mine is budded, currently.

I grow and fertilize it like its relatives, the holiday cactus. They are epiphytes, and, for me, do best in a loose/chunky mix that drains freely and doesn't ever get totally dry (but is never soggy).

They all bloom, mostly in shades of white, yellow, pinkish white or greenish white. The flowers are significantly smaller than the flowers of most other jungle cacti but have a delicate beauty. Many rhipsalis also form decorative berries that stay on the plant for months.

In my experience, they're fun and easy plants.


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Rude ? Well maybe not but it reads as if someone has Hatiora growing resentments.

No longer are Hatiora something to believe.... Fact is .... They are jungle cacti.
Even though "The most interesting man in the world" has yet to be seen growing one of them shouldn't be reason for it's sometimes negative comments or questioning the question from another.

Basic unbiased truths for Hatiora

How much light.. During winter you'll want southern exposure indoors if out side during spring /summer indirect sun that's bright.... Inside the mids of the lilacs as some may suggest
How much water........... Or how little and how often you may have to spend some time getting use to the watering they require... Don't worry they will responded if over watered or if under watered. If to show shedding or wilting the volume of water may be the factor

How much fertillizer?When I typically use both Osmocote 19-6-16 for long lasting feeding and foliage pro 9-3-6 for it's peek growing time to budding for flowers

Do they flower. please show me photo. Yes all the Hatiora do flower but not all of the flowers on all the Hatiora will look the same.. The link provided above will have some to look at.

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