peace lily with black leaves?

notagreenthumb_79February 7, 2007

I'm not known for my green thumb although I really like green plants and flowers. My mom told me that a peace lily helps clean the air so I went out to the store and bought one today. Probably not the best day since it is 10 degrees. I ran it straight to the car and straight in the house and now all the leaves are black and starting to wilt. I gave it some warm water and clipped off the most wilted leaves and all the flowers. Will it come back?

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As long as the roots are ok, and I think they are, it should come back.

Billy Rae

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The leaves could be turning black due to over-watering. If the roots are brown or black they rotted. Healthy roots are white and firm. U should use room temp. water. Let dry out completely before watering again. Hope this helps.

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Peace lilies can grow in 100% water, and overwatering would more likely turn the leaves yellow. If he allows the plant to dry out before watering again, he's far more likely to kill it (along with the damage the cold's done) than if he watered too much. BTW, it doesn't like direct sun, so while you don't want to keep it in the dark or anything, don't put it in a sunny window.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

If the leaves turned black that fast, it is definitely cold damage. It may or may not come back, but water sparingly if it doesn't have many leaves, since it won't be using much water until the leaves grow back.

Leaves will get brownish black over time, especially on the tips and edges, from overwatering. You can kill one within a couple of years by overwatering consistently - you get root rot, the whole plant wilts, you think it's thirsty and water it more and it just gets worse and dies. Trust me, I've killed my share of them this way.

I don't recommend growing them in water for extended periods of time - after a while, they languish and look pretty sad.

I agree about no direct sun.

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