Pampered My Spidy today--and a Thank You

Lamora(4)February 28, 2012

Hi all plant lovers out there! :D

I pampered my Spider Plant today, if it is light enough for me to get off the chain from the ceiling, it is thirsty! Today was the lightest it has ever been. So I put it in the tub, gave it a gallon of water, w/some fertilizer and it drank it all up!! There wasn't any water coming out of the bottom. But it was all the "good" water I had.. hope it was enough.. :)

I trimmed the dead leaves and ends off. There weren't many dead leaves, but just about all the tips are brown.:( I even seen some good starters on shoots, one already has roots on it! But I think I am going to just let it grow.

All in all, she is happy now, hanging by the window (dh had to put her up cuz she was too heavy after watering) and she looks good.

Thanks to all of you.. advice and input and info and very quick replys to ALL my questions. Thanks to you, I am very proud of myself and my plants. I will have questions in the future.. and here, I am sure to find the answers.

Thank you all for everything! :)


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Hey Marj,

What is 'good' water? lol.

When your Spider was in the tub, did you turn on the shower to sprinkle leaves?

Plants love being showered.

After my plants are showered, they're left in the tub/sink to soak up steam/humidity. Afterwards, leaves perk up, look great. Toni

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hopeful. "good" water to me is distilled or from the dehumidifier. But Al set me straight about tap water, so I won't worry about it so much anymore. I just feel better with the "good" water, but tap will be ok for once in a while.. just a "me" thing.. :)

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