I can't believe it, abused Peace Lily about to bloom

MojaveLove(5 - IL)February 26, 2011

At work my bosses boss put me in charge of her plants lol...no pressure!

Anyway I did a really bad job on the peace lily and neglected it for months. It pretty much wouldn't be watered until someone else felt more merciful than me lol - I ended up having to trim off half the leaves, it was always drooping because I didn't ever water it, etc etc (I know, shame on me). Anyway I marginally improved my attention to it in the last few weeks - by marginally improved I mean I watered it lol

Anyway a bunch of new leaves started AND I just noticed a new bloom is starting! I couldn't believe with all the abuse I gave it that it is going to start blooming.

The reason is because it has the best window you could ever want in your house for house plants. Southern facing, 10 feet high, 12 or more feet across.

Anyway I'm sharing this because I know a lot of people say "this plant is supposed to be easy but it's really hard!" and there's always problems with the blooms and no one really knows why. Give it the right light (well and water it lol) and no matter what you've done to it before I bet it will bloom for you.

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Afternoon Mo...
I too neglect a PL..when soil dries for long periods, then watered, even though some leaves die back, it never fails..It flowers.

Maybe stressing a PL promotes flowering, which is the reason many plants bloom.

It's better neglecting a PL than too much TLC..too much, and most plants end up over-watered and over-fertilized. Then end up with no plant..lol..

How's your day? Snowing your way? Toni

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Yep, when I went out earlier we had about an inch or so. I hung pictures on the wall all day and did wedding stuff so don't know if we've had more...now I have Goodfellas on, making stir fry for dinner, it's a good Saturday!

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When is the big day? Congrats. I love Goodfellas. Great movie. Nice day to relax and watch a movie.
At first, there wasn't anything worth watching, now there's at least five different shows/movies I wouldn't mind seeing..lol..Also want to finish a novel, and go through Succulents in a 5-binder set I bought in the 90's. lol..

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

October 15 - everything is finally, finally, coming together. Stress beginning to wain.

Yes - AMC was awesome this weekend, had all kinds of Oscar winning movies on!

What is this succulent binder you speak of, a giant book about different kinds of succulents? Is it something you put together or did you buy it?

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You still have time..I wish you and your fiance the best of luck. Many many happy years together. :)
Is it going to be a big wedding? In a hall, etc? If so, are you planning on placing plants per table?

Quite a few 'women' come here asking which plant would do best and look prettiest on tables at the reception. Some even bought a plant per person.

Yep, there were good movies this wkend..I switch channels often, prefer a channel w/o a zillion commercials. I'm investing in DVD's..no commercials and I love Special Features. Learning about the actors, how a movie was made, oh and Bloopers are so entertaining. lol

Binders. Did you ever get Recipe cards in the mail? They send a dozen or so, each card has a different meal. The idea is to buy more cards every month until a set is completed..

In the 90's, I received 'X' amount of plant cards for free, in the mail. Each card unfolds into four pages. I liked the cards and decided to join this club..'No contract.' It took a 1.5 years to collect all, 1000+ cards.
The name is Success with House Plants.

They send free plastic binders, and numbered cards that clip inside each binder. BTW, cards didn't come in numerical order, they were sent randomly.

There's different Titles per section. For Example: Seasohal Flowers, Plants that bloom all year, Short-lived gift plants, Beautiful green plants, Exotic Plants, Cactus and succulents, Pest and Disease and more.

A complete set is five binders.

The company stopped selling this collection in the late 90's. I've gotten emails from people who were searching for these binders. I checked Ebay, 'helping people find used binders,' and sure enough, there were a few for sale on Ebay..One problem is most only collected 2 or 3 binders. But others had complete sets.
I won't reveal the total cost after I finished paying for the set, but one woman I met here on GW found a complete set for 49.00. Which is dirt cheap!!

I enjoy the binders..Each card has picures, and botanical names of each plant, added info like sun, soil, water, temp, propagation, etc. I might snap a pic of these binders later..'making dinner now.'

Anyway, I'm glad I joined the club..There's so much to read, and the most beautiful plants.

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Oh yeah, I remember stuff like that! That's really cool, I'll have to look online and see what they're like! $49 sounds like an extreme steal, I would never turn that down.

I considered plants as gifts but that is way, way expensive. I found a great deal on flowers so the centerpieces will have flowers and some will have tree branches (fall theme of course!). I'm really excited about the centerpieces LOL!

Thanks :) yes, it is going to be big because he has a huge family. It's kind of like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" as I joke with him. I have 2 cousins, he has over 40. At a golf course, so it will be nice.

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I'm so excited for you.. Wedding are great. We didn't have a big wedding. It was between a large wedding or buying a house. I chose the house. lol.
Sometimes I feel I missed out on this blessed event..it depends on my mood..lol

What type of tree branches are you considering? I've never seen a centerpiece with tree branches..you'll have to take pictures.
I'm sure you found something you deem lovely..

Wow, your fiance does have a large family. And an outdoor wedding? Autumn is a lovely time of year, if it doesn't rain..Will the reception be in or outdoors?

Again, I wish you both the best. Planning on a large or small family? lol.
Don't buy anymore plants if you want a child. 15 is adequate. lol. Toni

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Curly willow branches - it's going to look great. AND it's cost effective!! I'll definitely share pictures of it!

It is not outdoors, as much as I love the outdoors and nature (we went to Vegas and went hiking in the Mojave desert, most people my age go to party, though we did try, and fail, at gambling!) I would be way too nervous to have it outdoors no matter what the season. Speaking of movies the other day, if you haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding you should rent it. Hilarious!

Haha I know what you're saying about the plants. It's funny because we're planning on waiting a while, it's not even something I'm thinking about, but it's buried in there somewhere because I'm already like "ok, will this be safe?" that's why I don't have cactus plants or any Euphorbia plants. I've always wanted a big family, at least 3 kids, but who knows lol!

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