WANTED: many trades and large trades!

aperry26220December 28, 2013

I have the following seeds:
Balloon Flower ��" Purple
Balloon Flower ��" White
Belleflower ��" White
Blanket Flower
Calendula ��" Pacific Beauty mixed colours
Celosia ��" Red Velvet
Clear Crystals Black Pansy
Columbine ��" Blue Star
Columbine ��" William Guinness
Dahlia ��" Mixed Colours
Echinacea ��" Secret Affair
Echinacea ��" Magnus Cultivator
Foxglove ��"Dwarf Foxy mixed colours
Hollyhock ��" Black
Hollyhock ��" Romantic Country Mix
Hollyhock ��" White
Mexican Hat ��" Yellow
Milkweed ��" Common
Milkweed ��" Four Leaf
Morning Glory ��" Mixed Colours
Pansy ��" Clear Crystals Black
Poppy ��" American Legion
Poppy ��" Brilliant Red
Scabiosa ��" Pincushion Flower - White
Shasta Daisy
Sunflower ��" Evening Sun
Sunflower ��" Grey Mammoth
Sunflower ��" Mammoth
Viola ��" Johnny Jump Up
Yarrow ��" Pink Grapefruit
Yarrow ��" White
Zinnia ��" Cactus mixed colours
Zinnia ��" Envy
Cardinal Climber
Love in a Puff
Morning Glory - Clarke’s Heavenly Blue
Morning Glory - Grandpa Ott
Passion Flower
Black Tip Wheat
Fountain Grass
Weeping Sedge

Basil ��" Red
Chervil ��" Curled
Cilantro ��" Coriandrum Sativum
Coriander ��" Chinese Parsley
Cress ��" Upland
Dill ��" Bouquet
Dill ��" Long Island Mammoth
Fennel ��" Florence
Lavender ��" Vera
Lavender ��"True
Parsley ��" Curled Moss
Parsley ��" Italian
St John’s Wort

American Sweet Gum
Ash ��"Green
Box Elder
Japanese Zelkova
Locus ��"Honey
Maple ��" Hedge
Maple ��" Sugar
Maple ��"Norway
Tree of Heaven
Lilac ��" Purple

Mary Washington
Amaranth ��" Green
Amaranth ��" Red
Canola (Rapeseed)
Flax ��" Golden
Millet ��" German Foxtail
Quinoa ��" Kaslala
Rice ��" Blue Bonnet
Sesame ��" Light
Sorghum ��" White African
Asian Edible Soy Bean
Blue Lake 274
Burpee Stringless
Cherokee Wax
Chinese Red Noodle bean
Gold Rush Yellow Wax Bean
Kentucky Wonder (pole)
Lima Bean ��" Henderson’s
Provider Green Bean
Alpine strawberry
Ground Cherry
Red Wonder Wild Strawberry
China Rose
Rat’s Tail
St. Valery
Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea
Field Peas
Little marvel
Oregon Sugar pod II Snow Pea
Sugar Lace II Snap Pea
Sugar snap
Green Corn
Hooker’s Sweet Indian Corn
Strawberry Corn
Black seeded simpson
Cimmaron Romaine
Paris Island Romaine
Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Streaks
Bloomsdale Long Standing
Early Golden
Utah 52-70
Haricot du Burkina Faso
Waltham 29 Broccoli
Long Island Improved
Red Russian Kale
Fuzzy Wuzzy cucumber
Pumpkin on a stick
Habanero ��" Pimiento
Hungarian Yellow Wax
Thai Red Hot
California Wonder
Early Calwonder
Red Mercury
Sweet Banana
Aunt Ruby’s German
Amana Orange
Black Cherry
Cherokee Purple
Ace 55
Big Month
Crimson Cushion Beefsteak
Fireball Tomato
Henderson’s Crimson Cushion
Large Red Cherry
Roma Tomato
Rutgers Tomato
vr Moscow Tomato

I am looking for anything that is not on my list, especially okra, heirloom corn, zinnias, trees and rare herbs. I'm open to trading almost anything, just contact me!!

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Would love to trade with you. From your list i like:
envy zinnia
black tip wheet
can you check my list and see if i have anything you might like

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Hi aperry26220
what an amazing collection of seeds! I would love to make a trade with you. There are several of your seeds that I am interested in.
~Little marvel Peas
~brilliant red oriental poppy
~clear crystals black pansy
~burpee stringless green bean
~bouquet dill
~sweet marjoram

Take a look at my trade list and let me know if you are interested in any of my seeds.


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Oh I forgot one, I am also interested in blue lupine.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I would trade. See what you like on my list.

Here is a link that might be useful: my trade list

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I have a ton of Heirloom Georgia Okra, I grew a ton of it last year so I have a good bit of seed.
I'm interested in your Banana Peppers, Asparagus, and the Hungarian Wax Pepper, I'd be willing to send a large amount of the okra for smaller amounts of each seed. I have other seeds on my trade list.

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Hi, aperry26220.

You certainly do have quite the collection of seeds! I just started gardening this year, so I don't have near as many seeds to trade ;p. Some of the items I'm interested in are as follows:

Sweet Banana Pepper
Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato
Black Cherry Tomato
Ancho (Pablano) Pepper
Kentucky Wonder Bean (Pole)
Henderson's Lima Bean
Herbs (Anything other than coriander or dill.)

Feel free to check out my trade list!

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I am interested in some of your seeds.
- chinese lantern
- red basil
- dark opal basil
- lemongrass
- bouquet dill
- dwarf fine leaf bush basil

Please check at my trade list . Here is my trade list link

Hope we can have the trade.

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Would like to trade for your coneflowers, balloonflowers, viola/pansy. Could I send you my list? Doreen.

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Hello, from your list I would love
Asian Edible Soy Bean - 10-20 seeds
Blue Lake - 274 25 seeds
Chinese Red Noodle bean - 5-10 seeds
Gold Rush Yellow Wax Bean 20-30 seeds
Ground Cherry 5-10 sees
Hungarian Yellow Wax pepper 5-10 seeds
Red Mercury Pepper 5-10 seeds

For trading, I have two varieties of Okra
Okra, Perkin's Long Pod - 20 seeds
Okra, Clemson Spineless - 50 seeds
as well as many other seeds -
Collards, Georgia Southern - 200 seeds
Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna - 100 seeds
Rutabaga, American Purple Top - 200 seeds
Kale, Dwarf Siberian - 250 seeds
Mustard Greens, Florida Broadleaf - 400 seeds
Carrots, Scarlet Nantes - 300 seeds
Carrots, Danvers - 300 seeds
Swiss Chard, Ford Hook - 40 seeds
Broccoli, Green Sprouting - 60 seeds
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe - 600 seeds
Eggplant, Black Beauty - 40 seeds
Brussel Sprouts, Long Island Improved - 50 seeds
Cauliflower, Snowball Y - 60 seeds
Celery, Tall Utah - 250 seeds
Cabbage, Golden Acre - 75 seeds
Cabbage, Copenhagen Market - 75 seeds
Cucumber, Marketmore - 30 seeds
Cucumber, Boston Pickling - 30 seeds
Watermelon, Black Diamond - 15 seeds
Watermelon, Crimson Sweet - 4 seeds
Cherry Tomato, Red Cherry Large - 20 seeds
Tomato, Golden Jubilee - 50 seeds
Tomato, Beefsteak Red - 50 seeds
Tomato, Floradade - 25
Bell Pepper, California Wonder - 40 seeds
Early Jalapeño Pepper - 75 seeds
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson - 400 seeds
Lettuce , Oak Leaf -400 seeds
Lettuce, Bronze Mignonette - 400 seeds
Lettuce, Butter Crunch - 400 seeds
Thyme, Winter - 275 seeds
Dill, Mammouth Long Island - 90 seeds

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider. If you would like to trade please feel free to e-mail me and I'll get your seeds out ASAP.


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Hi I'm interested in your Chinese red noodle beans check out my exchange list see if I have anything you might like

Here is a link that might be useful: Trade list

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Hi! I am interested in:
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Chinese Red Noodle Bean

I can offer you:
jerusalem thorn tree seeds
Pimiento Habanero
Heart of gold Cantaloupe
I have a few cumin seeds as well....

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Hi there,

You have some seeds I have been interested in obtaining for quite some time. Hopefully we can arrange a trade. I really like your:

Tomatoes: Jubilee and Fireball
Kentucky Wonder Beans
Ground Cherries
St John's Wort
Echinacea Secret Affair
Echinacea Magnus Cultivator
lemon balm
Italian parsley

I have these from your want request / Okra - Clemson spineless and Red Burgendy. and Corn - Early Sunglow, Silver Queen, Fedco - Honey Sweet, and Bloody Butcher. I also have several tomatoes you do not have listed. I have most of what is still on my Trade List but I do need to update it. Feel free to check it out and let me know if there is anything on there you would be interested in as well. Shoot me a PM to work out details.


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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Sent you an email!
I would like the William Guiness and penny black please. Check out my list, the email I sent you has a couple seeds I haven't listed. Thank you :)

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I have the following
crimson sweet watermelon (3X3 baggie FULL)
sweet pea (6-8seeds)
sweet corn ambrosia (guessing around 200 seeds)
bumpy gourd (8)
peach tomato 2010 (10seeds)
heirloom arugula (more than 100)
vegetable spaghetti squash (25)
fairytale eggplant (20)
ashworth sweet corn (30)
eggplant black beauty (25)
bi-color super sweet 2010 (40)
snap pea sugar ann frm gurneys (225)
zinnia pomila mix 2010 (25)
moonflower (commercial pack)
scarlet penstemon (part of com pack
morning glory pink and blue striped (com pack)

These are mostly from trades. I store my sees well, so I haven't had any trouble with the older ones coming up.

I am interested in these
red poppies
fountain grass
lavender true
ANY carrots
peas edible pod - don't care about which variety
strawberry corn
celery (and how to get it to grow!)
Jubilee toms
black cherry toms
roma toms

you may message me to work out the details!

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I would like to exchange seeds with you. I have to offer green corn, strawberry corn, golden bantam corn and Giant grey Mammouth sunflower seeds. I would like beans, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and anything a little weird. Thanks Gary email at hortongary@hotmail.com or my work email which is with this account.

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