Stinkbug/Cucumber beetle Info trade?

drscottr(7)July 13, 2012


I'm in central Maryland. I saw one early instar stink bug two weeks ago and none since. Is it early or has the tide turned?

Also, no cucumber beetles spotted so far. Anyone seen them? I did treat with various beneficial insects.

Have seen a couple japanese beetles but low damage.

Saw adult Mexican bean beetles three weeks ago. Released Pedobius wasps and no nymphs noted.

Would appreciate insect status reports.



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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Hey Scott! I'm a little south of you in Southern Md, and I haven't noticed more than one or two marmorated stinkbugs (adults) and a few native stinkbugs. I have way more cucumber beetles visiting this year than last, but still relatively low numbers. They are all spotted. My number one pest is the asiatic garden beetle, seems to be in great numbers than last year, followed by cornfield ants, followed by squash bugs, followed by hornworms, all in greater numbers than last year. Cheers!

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I had an overload on cucumber beetles, a couple dozen squash bugs, and plentiful squash vine borers, all three of which I have never had problems with. The cucumber beetles in the past have been few and far between, and all striped, but this year, lots of striped, and lots of spotted, which I've never had. I had so many that I had to get out the big guns, and spray with Sevin, something I've never done, and didn't want to do, but had to, or face mass destruction. Now, I have not a one of any of the mentioned insects.

So, with that said, I suspect that the abnormally high temperatures may have caused a lot of insect activity farther north. I have never seen a hornworm, thankfully, and saw ONE japanese beetle this year, and last year. In both instances, I saw it, and made an immediate attempt to smash it, but they fly off really fast, never to be seen again. As for beneficials, not much to speak of, besides the bees, a few wasps, and lots of tachinid flies.


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