Peace lily care thread

sgvaibhavFebruary 13, 2014

So I live in zone 11.
I will be posting some pictures of my peace lily and I want to know how is my plant doing (general checkup) and how can I do better

Photos -

I had this plant for an year an it looked like the plant needed repotting so I got it repotted into a bigger pot. I was not aware that extremely huge pot can do harm to the plant.

Anyways I didn't know until 3 weeks ago that this plant does not like direct sunlight so I keep in a room with south window. I used to move it in direct sunlight before but I stopped now.
Leaf shape may look abnormal because the corners and tips either brown out or become yellow so I cut them off.
I water plant every 3 or 4 days with exactly one glass of water.
I tried misting the plant but the leaves actually get wet and the leaf structure doesn't look good so can someone tell me how to mist the plant

I think there are no pest except some springtails - rare.
So judge on how my plant is doing and how should I water it.
Also the corner of this trimmed leaf continues turning brown and leaf tip turning yellow although I am absolutely avoiding direct sunlight.
Some leaf esp big leaf look yellow.. Anything wrong? The photos are 7 days old and I am telling present story

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but I don't think your shared photos work that way here; I wasn't able to open them.

You may wish to read up around here on Peace Lily care (Spathyphyllum).

I don't get the signifance of 'exactly' one glass of water.

Maybe you don't realize a glass of water could be a 4 oz glass or a 12 oz glass & that's a big difference btwn the 2, so I can't tell how much you're watering.

I'd forget the misting completely, sounds like you're already overwatering (every 3/4 days you said) & misting, that's likely to be too much.

I'd imagine if you get your mix & watering right, you won't need any misting at all. Sorry I can't see what things look like.

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auron22(6b OH)

From the photos, soil doesn't look too good and the pot a bit too large...I would wait till others chime in though I'm not sure. Every 3/4 days in that soil/pot? I agree with pirate_girl, sounds like overwatering. I only water my peace lily when the leaves start to droop, for me that is about once a week. I think it is all peat mix, haven't taken it out of it's pot from when I brought it home yet. I'll get around to it eventually....I'm sure your peace lily will bounce back just from holding back on the water. Best of luck to you :)

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