where to buy houseplants in the middle of winter?

gpgma(est)February 16, 2008

Hello, I would like to buy some houseplants. I live in zone 5, Eastern Massachusetts, and right now it is the middle of winter. Do you know where I can order some plants via mail or a know a nursery open year round ?

Thanks, Geoff

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You don't want to buy mail-order plants this time of year. I promise.

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You HAVE to have some garden centers around you somewhere near by!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Of course I'm much warmer than you are in z9, but I have been very successful ordering plants from Rob's Violet Barn (not just violets--other gesneriads, begonias, general houseplants--) They package very carefully for the weather conditions. I think Logee's also ships in the winter. Of course, it would be wise to be sure to be home when they're delivered--not a good thing to have left on the porch in freezing weather! There are other places too which ship in winter, but of course it's a bit of a gamble as Mr. Sub says (well, he didn't exactly say 'a bit of a gamble', did he?) But it is possible--

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plantastic(zone 3 prairies)

We're even colder here. The big box stores always have plenty, Walmart, Home Depot etc and I've noticed my usual supermarket always gets in a new supply in January! - coldest month!!- fresh from Florida!!! Main problem is how to get them from the store across the parking lot to your car.

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Geoff, I know what you're feeling now that the days are cold and gray..that urge to add more 'summer' indoors.
It can be dangerous ordering plants in winter...There's a zillion online nurseries that ship plants, even now..If you're determined to find a nursery willing to, find one that sends plants using heat pads. Darn, that's not that name, lol...The pad lasts 60+ hours. Some places charge an additional 2.00..There are sellers on Ebay who use these pads..If your temps are under 40-45, and you must have a plant or two, find a seller/nursery that uses these pads..I just got in 2 boxes of African Violets from a seller on Ebay, and she shipped them with this pad..it was still warm upon arrival..Good luck, Toni

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Local grocery stores have nice selections of houseplants - infinitely less expensive than going to florists' shops, too. Our groceries will paper cone or double bag (or both) them for the trek to the car which is usually sufficient - especially if you're moving fast.

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I actually noticed the same thing today. Since it is around 45 degrees today I thought I'd try to find a domino spath, but home depot, walmart and meijers were almost completely out of plants.

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I don't think I'd order anything via internet, etc., unless it was something rare. Why pay an extra cost for shipping and handling when it's something readily available elsewhere, even if only through the summer months?

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As many have mentioned, garden centers are the place to go, and the best one is the one staffed by someone who takes really good care of the plants. Of the two big name box stores within 30 miles, one has a much more caring plant lady than the other. That's where I get new plants if I can't find them at a local greenhouse.

Here is a link that might be useful: my website

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Duluth...do people actually shop at florists anymore??? Considering their prices, 25.00 for a 4" potted Pothos, (one of the most common plants around) I'm surprised they're in business.. Other than, say a hospital for an emergency buy, and even then it'd have to be a REAL emergency. Especially when there's competitive stores around like Home Depot, Lowes, and grocery stores.

Blutarski, I'm not sure where you live, but I reside in IL, and plant shopping is something I do regularly, online and locally..If I had to depend on local nurseries for tropicals, sub-tropicals, and succulents, I'd have 1/4 of the plants I now grow. It's impossible finding anything rare..and the few places that sell plants other than Ficus, Dracaenas and most other common plants charge a fortune.
One example is Citrus. I can buy a 2' grafted citrus for 55.00+ at the closest nursery, (about 30 miles north of where I live) OR order from one of two Fl nurseries, for a 3'+ grafted tree at 20.00 + 10.00 shipping. The problem right now is Fl has a ban on shipping citrus..
If you know where to look, you can find great bargains with decent shipping rates, for beautiful healthy plants. Nursuries such as accentsforhomeandgardens.com is one place I shop..They have numerous varieties, nice sized, non-insect specimens..
I can't even find tropcial or succulent seeds here, so what other option is there if you want something nice? Toni

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Toni - we're a little garden center and nursery challenged for half of the year up here. Although we have some very fine outlets, they pretty much close up in November not to open again until sometime in April; some keeping only their florist cases and fresh flower aspects going year round. And yes, their houseplant selections are exhorbitantly priced; and no, unless desperate or having money that needs to be burned, buying a houseplant from a florist is not the best idea.

I am primarily an outdoor perennial gardener. I have my few treasured houseplants where conditions and horizontal surfaces warrant/allow, but if I wanted to add more, I'd hit our local groceries and big boxes. As a personal choice, I don't mail order anything, preferring to buy local - consequently, the flora in and around this property hardly smacks of the exotic, or even the remotely unusual.

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Toni, I believe my point was that I wouldn't purchase anything online that I could get in my area. If it was something rare (and I was a better gardener) I'd shell out the extra money.

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