Hindu Rope Hoya

Lamora(4)February 8, 2012

Yep-- that is what I have now. Went looking for a Fire Flash, but couldn't find one, seen the Hoya and just had to have it! lol. Just a baby right now. Sounds pretty easy to take care of.

Are they toxic to cats? Right away Butch decided to "investigate" it. It is up high right now.

Anyway- just wanted to let you know I may have questions about something other than my Spidy plant-- lol.

Thanks for everything! :)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats on your new Hoya hindu rope, Lamora...if you have more questions or just want to get more info about these plants, there's actually a Hoya forum...if you want to learn more about the hundreds of different varieties they have out there stop by. SO many hoyas...so little space :o)

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya Forum...

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Although hoya are non-toxic to cats, you should still keep them away from the pets.

All hoya are pretty easy, I agree. They need very good light, however, so that that into consideration. And they tend to be prone to the dreaded mealybug! Believe me, you do NOT want your Hindu rope plant to end up with a case of mealies.

I'd be prepared with a little spray bottle with a solution of one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water to treat your plant now. Just to be sure that it didn't come home from the nursery with a little infestation. The mist will be able to get into all of the nooks and crannies of your plant.

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Lamora, Congrats, on your new Hindu Rope..did you get green or variegated? Toni

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rhizo- rubbing alcohol? Never heard of that, you just spray it on? Probably not a lot tho...I just want to make sure b4 doing it. I understand about the bugs, that may explain the webbing on one of the plants close to this one, so far tho, haven't seen any.

hopefulauthor-- It is just plain green, no other color in it, if there had been one with color in it, I would have snatched it up real fast. I am going to have to look at the Hoya forum and see what there is to this plant. I already have a pot for it! Just need to drill a hole in the bottom of it, hopefully tonight. (need to borrow a drill)

So far I like it.. :) Wanted something different... Now my daughter wants a cutting off of it when I get to that point, she loves it too!!

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

I have this one, grew about 3 or more inches in a year, some say it is a slow grower and takes a while to bud but, mine grew quick and started a bud but I neglected it. I have it in a southern facing window and it seems to be just a bit too much light for it but I can't put it anywhere else. It does fine though it gets freckles.

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Lamora. This pic was taken a couple years ago, but here's a HR in bloom..why Hoya flowers have two different colors, I'll never know, since buds formed the same time.

Hope someone offers suggestions on rooting HR cuttings. But, this is from someone who can't root a Hoya cutting if offered a million dollars, lol.

Mojave..3" a year is fast. My HR's are slow-growing. Toni

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hopeful-- can't wait to see mine do that!! so purtty!! ;) how often does it bloom? Im excited now!! can you tell??

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Lamora, believe me, I KNOW the feeling..lol..whenever I'm expecting a plant in the mail or go plant shopping, my heart races, adrenaline flows..lol

HR blooms when it gets very bright, some direct light. They flower from spring through fall in IL..That picture was taken in Nov, 'which is the only time it flowered so late in the year.' It was on a shelf directly in front of a west window, no artificial light.

What size is your HR? How long are stems? Toni

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Mine is just a baby-- longest stem is maybe 6" if that, so it has a ways to go.

I just hope I can get it enough light here. When it rains--like it has been, it gets dark in here.Only sun we get is the morning sun, East window. The South window is covered by trees, the sun cant get to that window. And it is just a tiny one anyway. Was wanting to get a light for my plants, but how and where to put it-- well--that is a different story. I have to be reminded that SPACE IS AN ISSUE in this apt. Even for small plants. :( I just hope I do good by it...

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I use rubbing alcohol/water solution too. In spray bottle, or if only few "bugs" (like scale), I dip q-tip in it & get the scale off (or use paper towel). I have been doing this for years, did not cause any damage to my plants.

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Thanks rina, will remember that, newbie here... lol

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that's just what i have done...hope I am not giving bad advice. Read it somewhere; if we use rubbing alcohol - so should be ok on plants I thought. I am newbie too even if I have lots of plants for a long time, call myself newbie since reading posts here I am learning so much (found this forum just week ago).
I do not own hoya but remember my mother's (long time ago); such a wonderful plant, lowed the flowers. Always vanted to get one, so now is the time, lol. rina

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Lamora, Rubbing Alcohol is also used to kill Mealy Bug. Mealy is the worse plant bug around. These gross creatures aren't effected when sprayed w/my home-made insecticide.

If you ever suspect Mealy, 'I guess Scale, too, now that Rina said it worked for her,' spray ASAP. I use Fish Emulsion as a preventative and insectide against Scale.

My HR was a baby, too..lol. It'll take time, but worth the wait.
BTW, I order plants online. Some nurseries send a free gift plant per order. Can't recall if it was last year or the year before, but one nursery sent a green, HR..I normally don't keep duplicate plants, but decided might as well hold on to the freebie in case something were to happen to my older HR.
It too is about 6"..does yours have one or more stems?

Lamora, have you considered getting an inexpensive shop light or aquarium light? They average 2-6' long..

All you'd need to do is insert hooks and S-hooks in the ceiling. Buy two large chains, 'sold in most hardware stores.'
Attach the hood fixture to the chain with additional S-hooks.. It's really simple to make and if you're on a budget, doesn't cost a fortune.

Another option..I wanted a shelf w/lights sooo bad.
We went to a hardware store, bought a plastic shelf, 19.99.
Dh attached 3, 4' light fixtures on the undersides of each shelf. We added fluorscent light bulbs.. Voila, a new plant stand under 40.00.

Extra lighting makes a big difference.

If you decide to build or buy a stand, include a timer. Lights go on and off at 'X' times. Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The rubbing alcohol sprays are good for all stages of mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids, whitefly eggs and nymphs, scale crawlers and eggs...and probably others that I'm forgetting. I've used it on many different kinds of houseplants and bonsai, but common sense prevents me from spraying those with very fragile leaves.

Spray on and don't wash off. When you look at all of the convoluted leaves of your pretty hoya, you'll appreciate why a mist is necessary.

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

I was surprised too at the growth rate. It has to be because of the window - unobstructed south sun. I don't fertilize it, and I've never repotted it. I only water it when the leaves start to wrinkle or the pot is so light that it would have fallen off the ledge if I let the vines hang over them. It is a thirsty monster. It has weird dark purple leaves at the base of the plant that HAS to be from too much sun. But they were also there when it was a small greenhouse plant. Hm.

There's so much we don't know about hoyas because they're relatively unpopular from my experience (except for the niche fans of course) in the States. They do weird things that we don't understand - like, why did yours have two different types of blooms? And why do some blooms mutate? Weird stuff but that's what makes the hobby fun!

Did the two blooms have the same scent or were they different?

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