Unknown Beetle

gardenshepherdJuly 13, 2012

I've looked online but can't seem to identify this beetle that's been showing up on my butternut squash and bush bean plants. I was hoping that someone might be able to lend a hand at identifying my new visitor. Thanks in advance to those who might have some knowledge on this subject.

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Something in the scarab family, which doesn't bode well.

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IAmSupernova(SE Texas 9A)

Sifted through over 50 pages of beetle pics, and I think I found it.


I'll keep looking and see if I find a better match, but that looks almost exactly the same as the one in your pic. Wiki says the adult feeds on certain flowers while the grub feeds on grasses.

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Looks like an oriental beetle, which has a few color variations. It does the same damage as japanese beetles....so kill them.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

oriental beetles are apparently very pesky.


More info here

Here is a link that might be useful: pesky beetle

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Thanks to all who contributed to identifying the beetle that I couldn't id. It's been quite the year for new garden pest.

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