Pothos plant - vines/leaves

tkazFebruary 8, 2012

I've had my plant for about 6yrs now and it is healthy. It has gone through some stress through out the years like most plants do I'm sure. About a year ago, close to it, it fell and an 8ft vine broke off, since then I have obviously chopped it down into sizes that could be replanted. I have gotten to where it is bushy and vines are starting to get some length again.. It is healthy... However....

My question is for the vines and would like some advice.

When I go to stores and look at the same plant that I have, their vines and leaves are nice and thick, deep green, and strong nubs for new leaves. Mine has never been like that, it has a nice green color but not deep dark.. The vines are not nearly as green or thick, even the new ones that I had to replant are coming in thin, a few have a brownish tint on them. They are not extremely thin, obviously it's good enough for the vines to grow out and new leaves to come in..

I have always wondered why mine has never looked like the ones I see everywhere else. Am I doing something wrong? Wrong soil? I use miracle grow soil so I know it is getting food, I re-soil it every 6 mths or so, it has a watering bulb in it so it is getting water. I recently gave it a shower to give it a better drink and dust off the leaves. I do this every couple of months. It doesn't seem to like a lot of water/ moisture but it does like a good drink every so often! Least, it seems to...

Someone told me its because I'm letting the vines, vine out into length and not cutting em down to make it bushy.. If that was the case though, wouldn't the vines inside the pot be nice, green and thick? I don't know if it's to late to entice the vines to change or not.. I just want to better understand why it doesn't look like every other potho plant I see around!!

Thanx for any advice

~ Tkaz

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Well, looking on this site finding out that my plant is actually a Epipremnum aureum .... just known as a pothos.. Looking at photos, it isn't dark green either. With that in mind, the color on mine looks good and like it's suppose to..

Looking at the pictures though, the vines in the pictures are nice and thick still. Mine are not.. Not sure how to get my vines thicker!

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dellis326 (Danny)

Brighter Light maybe. . . In the wild, E. aureum grows from the ground, or some clump of debris caught in the branches, up a tree to reach the sun. Sometimes 40 or 60 feet up. The higher they grow they also get thicker and the leave can get over 3 feet long. Pot it up in a very loose airy soil and it should be fine. Plants fresh from the nursery have been grown in conditions that are ideal for for that compact full growth you see.

As far as the color goes, There are a lot of varieties, some deeply colored, some lighter and some variegated. Sometimes they change but you shouldn't count on it happening.

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Not much I can do for light in this place. Had it above the fish tank (hanging) where it could be by the window for light.. sadly the moisture was killing it. I got a green house recently though, thinking about setting it up out there once I get everything set up. See what it happens. All in all I think it is a happy plant, just think it could be happier! lol.

Thinking about getting some liquid fertilizer and spraying it, never used fertilizer on it before so might be worth a try.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but I wouldn't fertilize it yet, it's not medicine & is only good to give a plant which is relatively healthy to begin with.

I'd take the watering bulb out, that's likely not helping. These plants need time to dry out btwn waterings, can't tell if yours is getting that w/ the watering bulb.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Well, I've got to say that if you've had this plant for 6 years and have never fertilized it.....it's about damned time, lol. I would one hundred percent go out and buy a fertilizer made for houseplants and begin using it pronto.

The best way for nearly all plants to be able to take advantage of fertilizer is through their roots, not by foliar applications. I'd suggest that you mix very weak doses to start with...less that what the directions say. Choose a water soluble product, either granulated or liquid, that you can mix up in small amounts.

Be sure to water thoroughly (drench and drench again) before fertilizing, then allow your plant to dry out before drenching again in a few days (or weeks, however long it takes).

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dellis326 (Danny)

Something doesn't seem right about it not growing well over an aquarium. These things evolved in places with extreme humidity, as long as the soil wasn't soggy all the time it should have been happy and growing.

I'm with rhizo with the watering, Don't bother misting nutrients on the leaves and give it full long drenching and let it drain for a long time before the next drench. Either get rid of the watering bulb or keep it empty if you like the way it looks.

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I don't know why it wasn't happy above the fish tank either, but it sure was dyeing on me pretty tough. The soil didn't seem to be soaked so its hard to say. It seems to like the watering bulb so that's why I have it in there, no yellow leafs, nothing appears to be dying.. but if it is recommended to remove then I'll do that.

Why would I have to drench it then let it dry out then drench it again before fertilizing?

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Well, ok.. I can understand the drenching /drying/ drenching concept. Never had to do it with this plant before so not really sure that is needed or not right now. I have it out in the rain at the moment letting it get some fresh air and natural water.

I am going to use some 10/15/10 fertilizer food stuff and see how it likes it. I have given it plant food before, stuff that you put into the soil along with what is already in the soil. Which is why I never thought to use anything else before. I do need to refresh the soil, this stuff is probably no longer providing food at this point in time.

Other than that... I thank everyone for their advice. I'll try to provide some pictures of it later today and show you all just what it looks like.

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Tkaz..Bright light, 'not direct summer sun,' and humidity.

I've heard and read, in order for Pothos leaves/stems to remain large, they should be grown upright, attached to a stake/wood, instead of hanging.

I believe this as fact. When a new shipment of Pothos in hanging baskets arrive from FL, leaves are big, stems, firm, but nowhere as large as those growing upright on bark. Notice that?

If you haven't seen upright Pothos at a local nursery, visit your nearest conservatory. Thick, hearty Pothos vines cling on trees. Leaves are humongous! 3-4 times larger than hanging Pothos.

Of course, bright light and humidity are necessary, too.

Fertilizer might help as long as your Pothos is getting adequate light and humidity. Toni

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I didn't say anything about direct sunlight... I said in the green house, plenty of bright light and everything it would need. I wouldn't keep it out there permantely, just on occasion. Where I'm at now it doesn't get much for "bright light" sadly.. I do try to keep it near a window or outside (not in direct sun) for a short time so it can get some decent light. As for humidity... plenty of that in this house.. got reptiles that depend on it, a 55 gallon fish tank, recently added a small fish tank to separate a mean fish. Plenty of moisture in this place!

I've always had it upright. IF I let it hang the lizard will either eat it or use it as a climbing tree and the cats will play with it!! I have the vines trailing the trim of the ceiling.

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Tkaz...no, no, you didn't say direct sun...I just mentioned it in passing..Sometimes I believe speaking in person/phone is better than typing words. lol

You sure have enough humidity..

What type of lizard do you have? My son has an Iguana. What type of mean fish do you have?

You do have a problem..reptile or cat treat..lol.
What is holding your Pothos upright?

Tkaz..I give up..Upright, humidity and bright light. You have it all.

At the conservatory, their Pothos gets very little light..It's true the building is glass, but tree canapy's create shade.
It was worse before they remodeled..the glass was filthy..20+ years without washing panes of glass..you couldn't see outside.

Yet, their Pothos flourished. Maybe shade is the answer. Stop cleaning your windows, your Pothos will be huge..lol..Toni

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Thinking I'm going to work on making it bushy, right now it's mostly viny, wondering if bushy will help make it look more vibrant.

I have an iguana too, has his own bedroom and is a free roamer. He is finally big, fat and lazy like I want him to be!! lol.

The mean fish is a tiger barb I think.. It is orange and black striped, pretty little thing. Tore into my other fish fins pretty tough.Now he's in a starter fish tank kit all alone lol.

I got the plant hanging from the ceiling and little hooks that go along the trimming of the ceiling to hold the vines up. Least typically it does, I haven't worked on it since I've moved it. The vines at the moment are just hanging off the main hook going up the rope that holds the planter.

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Morning Tkaz.
How do you plan on making your Pothos bushy?
What made you decide to change shape?

You know, Tkaz, Pothos cuttings are fast-rooting. Why not take a few cuttings, root, then grow one upright and one bushy??

Is your Iguana male or female? You'd know if it's female..my son's first Iguana laid, at the minimum, 74 eggs one spring..They resemble marshmellows...lol

She was free to roam the room, but not the entire house. Most rooms have plants--plants and reptiles don't mix, and I feared she would have climbed bird cages, then knocked them down. She managed to escape the room, like a Houdini routine, lol, climbed on the cages a few times. If I hadn't been around, cages would have fell and birds.......

Iggy, 'son's iguana,' was so tiny when Michael brought him home. Little larger than my hand. He's now over 5' and very heavy..Freddy Krueger nails dig in my skin when I attempt lifting him.

What does your Iguana eat?

Tiger Barbs are very pretty..they prefer being in groups of five..they become agressive when there's less than 5 Barbs and start chewing fins.

Maybe your Barb is seeking a mate? Ever breed fish? It's a bit of work, especially egg-layers, but once the eggs hatch, what a sight!

When you shape your Pothos, and have time, please post a picture..Toni

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