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Lamora(4)February 1, 2012

hi all. I decided to put all the spider babies in soil. So far so good, (been about a week now) I also re-potted a very poor thing that my daughter gave her dad a while ago. Very sad looking. Only 3 little stems, but it has new leaves growing. I looked at the roots of the sad one, they looked better than the plant did! I think it will be ok tho, hasn't died yet. For the way it was being taken care of, that alone is amazing. I am thinking of naming it Amazing Grace, Gracie for short-- lol, yes, I name my plants. Named one Pete, but I still have yet to name my large spider plant. Strange for me, had it for 7 mths now.

Oh and I think it may be time to re-pot my large spider plant, was looking at the bottom of the pot, (since it now hangs) and the roots are starting to show where the holes are. They are not coming out yet, but you can see them. Almost afraid to try it, it is so big now. Should I wait for a while longer for that? I know they like to be root bound, but don't want it to where it won't like it.

Anyway I mainly just popped in to say HI! soooo HI!

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Morning Lamora...so your babies rooted? That was quick.

You name your plants? What happens when you have 100? or 200? lol.
You'd best buy a baby name book...

What type of plant did your daughter give her dad

Now that it's Feb, daylight is longer, there shouldn't be any problems repotting your Spider, unless you really feel uncomfortable, then wait.

What size pot is your Spider in, and what size are you planning on potting in?
Spiders are more likely to send out shoots when slightly root bound, but roots need room to grow..so it's a draw..

Plants sense our emotions..like pets. Toni

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lol-- 100+??? haha-- dont think i will ever have the room for all that! But it sounds like fun.
Ok, I do not know names of plants and I cannot find the name anywhere. If you tell me, I am going to write it down! It is just like my other plant, but straight green w/o the yellow in it. Here is a pic of it.

the small one is the one my daughter gave her dad. (kitty chewed it some) but yea-- if you can tell me the names of these, it would be great! I am planning on buying a book of plants real soon here. (100+ plants-- yea, love the thought.) :)

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Lamora..the second is Philodenron 'Brazil'

I can't make out the first plant..Is it a vine? Leaves can pass for a number of plants: Anthurium, Philodendron even Homalomena. Are leaves thick or papery?

Yep, 100 plants, a small amount, lol, j/k. Yep, caring for different types is fun and rewarding. Christening would be a chore.
Can you imainge asking for help on GW? 'here's my plant, Joe Smith. How much water does he need?' lol.

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The first one "will" be a vine, just like the larger one, it's just green all the way through, no yellow in the leaves. It was a "break off" of my daughter's plant.

Thanks for the name. Wrote it down and will put it on the pot. (That one is Petie- lol.)

Oh and about re-potting my Spidy, the pot now is 28 in. round. From what I remember, it shouldn't be anymore than 2 in. larger?? If I am wrong, let me know.
I'm not really afraid to re-pot it, it is just that it's so large, I don't want to break any leaves. My daughter is going to help me with that when I do it, she's pretty good with things like that. I just don't want to hurt it. When I do re-pot it, should I soak it from the bottom? Or just water it like I have been.

another question?? I have some plant food. I don't know if I should put it in the same water that I mist my plant with, would that be too much food? Can you over feed? I try to mist every morning. This morning the spiderets don't look too good. Am I feeding them too much?

Thanks for your advice in advance.. :)

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