Red Buckeye seedlings dying? (help!)

OrangeMouseFebruary 10, 2014

Hi everyone--

I've recently found that my red buckeye seedlings are drying out at the tips of their leaves. It is a little worrisome as (though I placed my two seedlings in different spots) on one the drying out has pretty much killed off an entire 5 leaf formation (both seedlings are only at the stage where they have two 5 leaf formations and what looks like a tiny bud at the fork of the stem in between).

I started these buckeyes from seeds collected on the ground under a beautiful plant at a local arboretum.

This drying out of the leaf tips started very subtly when they were in their original window (northeast, mostly east, ground floor). I moved one (the one that did worse) to a table near a South-west (but mostly west) window that gets a lot of direct rays in the afternoon, and the one that did better to a table directly under a window facing northeast (mostly east, second floor).

Despite that they were drying out in their original location, I thought that because my west-window one dried out so much and looks nearly dead, it might have to do with light. But then my other one dried out a tiny bit I'm a little worried about it!

Are my buckeyes dying? Is it light? Water? Is it a lost cause trying to grow red buckeyes inside?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yes, I think it's a lost cause trying to grow Buckeyes indoors. Can you collect some more of the seed and leave them outdoors to wake up on their own time schedule? Out here in California, my Buckeyes haven't even broken bud yet, and I'm wagering that it's quite a bit warmer where I am.


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