What is this plant and how do I care for it?

kamakFebruary 9, 2013


I have had this plant for a while. I got it at Home Depot probably 2 years ago and for some reason it has been growing like crazy for the last few months. I originally put it in this class vase because I didn't expect it to grow much and I used to have some other pretty terrarium type things in there too. But lately I've had it in my office which gets no light, and it is taking off!

Now the stem to the right is bending over and risks breaking. I am not sure what this plant is, or how to separate it out or if I even should. Can anyone provide guidance?

Thank you!

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That's a Syngonium, aka Arrowhead Vine. It's a vining plant which yours appears to be in the process of starting. Have to wait on it's proper care and separation, I don't own one of these, sorry. But, I do know they're easy to care for.


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It is a vine, and in warmer climates it can be quite invasive. Give it something to climb up and when it gets a bit long you can trail the runners back to the bottom and it will climb again giving a bushier effect. If you have it as a hanging plant you can just let it trail/hang down. Usually after hanging down a bit it will turn up and climb back up on itself.They've very easy to grow, just don't let the potting soil stay too soggy, or too cold.

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Thank you so much! That's great. Now I know what to do with it :)

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Yep, this is a Syngonium, and as the person above says, keep it fairly dry and fairly warm and you won't go wrong.

Might be worth giving it something to climb up, like a cane/canes.

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