Selling Houseplants online

taskeincFebruary 6, 2007

I have over 60 beautiful house plants at home. I'm in the Atlanta area. I was wondering if there are any places to sell plants on or offline??

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You can sell them online at Ebay if you don't mind shipping, or you can sell them on if you don't want to ship (people in your area can come pick them up). Either way, you should post pics on the're more likely to sell them if you do. But lots of people buy plants from Ebay...if you do that find out the best way to ship plants. But I would definitely wait until Spring if you're going to ship. If you ship bareroot, you probably want to wrap the rootball in soil and wet it well, then wrap in saran wrap and surround with newspaper in the box. If you ship with the pot maybe wrap the pot with wet newspaper, and fill up the box with dry newspaper. Mark "live plant" on box and ship priority mail. But there are probably others here who have shipped who can tell you better. Shipping big plants will be tough though!
Good luck,

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Unless you have something especially rare or the plant is a specimen be a little reasonable in how you price your plants if you really want to get rid of them. Look around at the stores in you area and see how much similar plants are going for and price accordingly.

Sometimes when I'm looking over plant sales on CL I have to laugh at the posts where people exaggerate about their plants. For example I saw an ad not long ago of someone selling "Unique...hard to won't see these at Wal-Mart" corn plants for 40+ dollars. I realize that as plant lovers our plants are priceless but 40+ bucks for a corn plant someone can get for 10.00 at Home Depot is a little much.

Aside from the cool resources Gabi mentioned you can try farmers' markets, see if a shop in your area would carry them on consignment or let you set up a little table out front. Putting flyers on the boards of the local laundromat or community bulletin boards.

If you do have something that's rare or special consider keeping a plant as growing stock and propagating more of them so you can keep selling them.

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

You can also trade them for stuff over on the plant exchange forum.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I used to have a sale every year, and people looked for it--just extra plants I didn't have room for anymore. They just came to the house, and I think I sold them on the front porch. Fun! Don't know why I don't do it anymore!

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Do you have a community flea/farmer's market? I've gotten a lot of neat plants that way. It doesn't cost much in set-up ($10 here) and gets a lot of traffic.

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I would post a ad in the post office and tell all the locals that you are having a plant sale, I would have the sale for 2 days not just one in case people could not make either day.

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