Why are my ZZ plant stems so stretched?

nathanblairFebruary 6, 2013

When I bought my ZZ plant, there were leaves growing very low on the stem. Since I brought the plant to my office, the stems grow much longer and the leaves start over halfway up the stem? Why do the leaves not grow closer together or further down the stem anymore? Lack of light? I'm in an office with mediocre artificial light and no windows.

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dellis326 (Danny)

The whole thing is the leaf, The parts are the rachis, petiolule and the leaflet. The rachis is the stem, what you are referring to as the "leaf" is a leaflet and the tiny stem holding them together is the petiolule.

Two things come to mind, one is that it is too dry, ZZ plants in nature come from moist environments not dry ones and the other is there is not enough light so the rachis elongate (referred to as "etiolated")They do not need full sun but still need light. These, for some reason are often sold as impervious to neglect or abuse but they are not.

The shorties look ok, maybe it was just the change in location that messed with it.

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