Anyone know what this plant is?

aseedisapromiseFebruary 22, 2012

Hi there,

I think this is an aroid, but nobody is at home there on the aroid forum. Someone emailed me the photo to try to identify and to give tips on care. It is different than all the photos of aroids that I found easily, in that the white veins in the leaves don't go out to the edges. Does anyone here know what kind it is? Thanks.

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Looks like some sort of alocasia

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

or Colocasia. I agree, hard to say for sure.

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I should add that this questioner said that she has had this plant for thirty-nine years, and it belonged to her grandmother. She said it had "thick spaghetti roots" but she also said it "hates to be transplanted" that it loses it's few leaves if she does. She said she has repotted about two times, and it was last repotted six years ago. I don't know what this plant is, but if it lived for thirty nine years with being transplanted two times only, then it is very durable. It isn't very big. She says it is in a six inch pot.

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Aseed..Your plant is Anthurium crystallinum.
Google 'Anthurium crystallinum, pictures.'

Did you pot in a 6" container? If your Anthurium is small, have few roots, 6" is too large.

BTW, your Anthurium is really nice-looking.


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Toni, thanks! I think it is an Anthurium. It isn't my plant, but one that I have to help someone with. I only have the same photo that you have, and not the plant in the flesh, so I really don't know how big the plant is. I put it over on the Name That Plant forum, and they thought it was Anthurium clarinervium, which is a lot like the crystallinum. She told me it has "thick spaghetti roots", so I think it may be a good size plant. Regardless, I think she needs a faster draining mix for it. When I looked it up the web site said they are epiphytes, so fast draining is what she needs.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Good catch, wow, nice plant. Saw those pix, Toni's absolutely right on the ID. Guess the white marks fooled me, I'm not usually that wrong on IDs, oh well.

Nice plant, enjoy (tho' I personally haven't found Anthuriums too easy for Houseplants. This said by the woman who bought another one (just LAST WEEK).

Very elegant, enjoy!

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Aseed...sometimes pics are deceiving.

Crystallinum leaves are longer than Clarinervium.
The pattern, 'pic you posted,' is similar to Clarinervium. Clarinervium leaves are velvety. Crystallinum foliage is smooth.
Clrinervium is considered a dwarf.

Whatever, the Anturium is really pretty.

Karen, you know you're better ID'ing than I. Toni

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