Need some more imput please??

Lamora(4)February 3, 2012

Yea- I know, another question or 2-- :)

Anyway, I went and got a larger pot for my Spidy, it is 1-1/2 in. larger at the base and 2 in. larger from top to bottom. Looks HUGE!!(not sure how I am going to hang it) Is that too big to re-pot my Spider Plant? The roots are showing through the bottom holes now, not coming out yet, but showing. Or should I wait a bit longer?

I was wondering about something else too. They have hanging wire baskets of sorts, that have a brown something or other in it that you can put the plant right in it,soil and all, I think. Could I do something like that for my Spider? Seen some real nice looking ones today. I think it would be big enough for it. I was just wondering about them and what kind of plants you can put in them. Sorry, don't know what they are called. Hope you know the ones I'm talking about.

you have been so helpful to me. Thanks in advance.. :)

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Good Morning, Lamora..
You really love your spider, donning him in the finest. :)

Do you means the new pot seems huge or a little large compared to the old pot?

The new pot should be larger, 1-2" diameter/across, from rim to rim.
Why not wait until March to repot.

Can you post a pic of both pots side by side?

Sorry, not sure about the hanging basket. Unless you're talking about a disk-like, plastic piece that sits on the bottom of the pot?
The disk works as a divider?? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Lamora, is this the type of pot that you saw? They are called...Coir fiber liner -Wire Hanging pots.

I only use these pots outside in the summer because the water runs through them so fast. It would ruin my floors.

All my Spider plants are in plastic hanging pots

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Not the best pic in the world, but best I can to w/o taking the plant down, need help with that (daughter again) but this is the general of it.

and yes! those are what I was asking about, looked them up late last night, found "co-co liners", close as I could find. PPl are putting plastic w/holes cut in it to line it some,even so far as un-used diapers, they say it helps with the leaking. Would that work indoors with what I've got? I love the way they look.

Thanks for your response! :)

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yep the diaper would work. I traveled so much and could not water my plants as often as needed and the diapers were plant life savers for me.

I would buy the cheap discount store diapers. I could find a package of 24 at Big Lots for 2.99.

-Cut them open and line the basket so the inside was facing up plastic facing the co-co.
-Soak the diaper so the crystals pumped up.
-Put soil on top
-Plant goes in next spread roots out
-Finish with your soil

My plants would stay moist for one week. In 90+ degree blazing heat.

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Would that work with my Spidy? being as big as she is? Was seriously thinking of dividing her up some, but I love how big she is now. (yes-- she-- lol) Sooo in your opinion? would it be a good idea? or not. (the basket co-co liner)

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marquest(z5 PA)

Lamora, I have had spider plants for 40 years. I could not kill them if I tried. They are survivors. I love them when they are big with lots of babies growing down.

So my thought is if you like the style of pot and you can figure out how to keep it watered and good light the co-co pot will do fine. As I said I use them outside in the summer because I like the look but do not use them inside but I do not see any problems with planting your spider plant inside the pot.

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Morning Ladies,

Lamora, like Marquest said, your Spider can be potted in hanging wire pots w/coir but when you water, you'll have to either bring spidy to the sink/tub until it drains, 'completely,' or water outside.

One other option is potting in a somewhat shallow, plastic growing pot, then placed inside the wire basket.
Of course, potting this way defeats the purpose. Wire baskets are mainly used outdoors, but not written in

Yesterday while browsing through a garden catalog,' 'one of about 30 shipped to our house since beginning of Jan, lol.'
I came across a decorative hanging basket.
If you girls have time, check it out at Gardeners Supply.
In the Search box type in 'hanging basket art.'
It's cute, but not worth 24.95 plus tax & shipping.

I imagine, with a little creativity, one could make their own Art Hanging Plant Basket, 'liner.'

Marquest, is your Spider green? I was given a green Spider, 1972/3. It's still alive, sends out shoots and tiny flowers most of the year.
You're right, Spiders are fighters. Hard to kill.

I too like larger Spiders, (not divided) They look fantastic hanging or atop a pedestal, especially when surrounded with shoots and white flowers.

Lamora, how many Spiders do you have? Other types? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, I have the green the most robust, white and green, green and white, and one that is my favorite it is green in the middle and yellow on the edge. It has really nice coloring it looks different than the regular green/white edge spider.

I have never seen Spiders for sale by name. I never even knew they had names until I joined GW.

But from my experience they all seem to be a hard to kill plant.

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I have to agree. Spider plants are extremely difficult to kill. I remember my aunt saying that they were shade plants and sun would shock them and everything. I told her that my spider plants received full sun and she didn't believe me until I took a picture of my back porch.

They multiply by the thousands with lots of tendrils. It gets to the point where you stop caring about the babies. ;)

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Drangonstone?? those are beautiful!! Wish I had a place like that for more plants.

Hopefulauthor- I only have the one Spider, and about 9 babies in soil at the moment, 2 are looking real good, but the others aren't, I think I planted them too soon, not enough roots. I am hoping they will come around.

Not sure if I should have done what I did, They were in starter cups,(after being in water for a while) but they was drying out so fast, I was having prob keeping them moist, so I put them all in one pot.(6 in) The 2 that are doing good are about going to be re-potted in another pot together. they are still in the starter cups, don't know why they are doing well and the others didn't, did the same thing with all of them.

This is a learning exp for me. The only reason I took them from the parent plant was the shoots were broken,, ALL OF THEM!!(not sure I can blame the cat for all of them tho- I think I did something when I moved it) and now she isn't producing any shoots. There is only one shoot w/a small cluster of babies, and that is barely over the rim on the pot, and it isn't growing any longer. That is one reason I wanted to re-pot her.

I went to HD yesterday, they had some absolutely beautiful spider plants, big and Producing babies, but the roots were coming out of the bottom.

I am just not sure of what to do at this point. re-pot now? or in March? or wait till the roots are actually coming out of the holes. You can see them now. they are just not coming out yet.

And about those hanging planters- I think I will try it on a smaller plant first, see how I like it before I try it with my Spidy. :)

Thanks Everyone!!

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Marquest, do you have a photo of your green w/yellow edge? Sounds lovely. I've never seen Chlorophytum with yellow edging.

One of my favorites Spiders was sent from a friend on GW. The cutting had variegated foliage. The reason it's unique is, once babies mature, they revert to green. As new babies form, they start out variegated, 'long periods,' then again turn green. In other words, the mother plant is green, babies, variegated.
I don't know where she found this Spider, but it's surely different.

Dragon, your Spiders are absolutely beautiful.
Often, people say Spiders do well in low light..they will thrive, final results look nothing like yours.

The last time we went to Great America, Chlorophytums were set in different locations throughout the park. Each were placed in direct sun. Stunning Spiders, vividly green, loaded with shoots.

As long as Spiders are acclimated, 'after being indoors all winter,' they'll adapt to full sun.

Lamora, are you planning on summering your Spider outdoors?

Nope, you can't blame I carry my largest Spider to the sink to be hosed, which isn't often, it never fails..As careful as I am, a baby/shoot breaks. I tossed a few, but have one sitting in a cup of water. Once it roots, it'll be potted with mom. I have problems discarding cuttings, but don't want duplicates either.

Lamora, be patient...Spidy will grow more shoots. LOL. It might take a while so don't give up. Sometimes Spiders need a rest, then before you know it, new shoots are popping out of the pot.
I remember, 'years ago,' people believed shoots only appeared in autumn..Myth.
Shoots grow and flower throughout the year, including winter.

Since you like Spiders, you should check other types.
Have you ever seen Chlorophytum Fire Flash? Its leaves are thicker than standard Spiders, colors green and orange. Orange centers, green bottoms to tips and edges.
Fire Flash flowers grow upright off a tall stalk.

Do you have other plant types? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni do not tease her with fire flash. The first time I saw it was here at GW. It was probably you that sent me on the hunt. (bad Toni) lol

When they told me it was in the family of spider plants I had to have one. I tried to order it twice and both times they said out of stock. Would you believe I finally found one a couple of years ago at Home Depot. 3 yrs ago. I love it. It is as easy as the regular spider plants.

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Hopefulauthor- Patients is something I was never really good at, working on it every day,(mostly for training my dog- really need it for that)

I have another plant-Philodendron "Brasil" and a starter of a Golden Photo (I think) They all are doing real good atm. Have them in the morning sun right now. window facing East. gets real bright in here-- then it-just-goes-away.. :(

I don't want to put them outdoors 24/7 in the summer here. I do have a shared porch of sort. We live in an apt. I wouldn't trust it to be out all the time. KWIM? But they will get out some outdoor time. :)

That Fire Flash sounds real pretty!! gong to have to look for it. Been thinking of some colored plants. DH says I don't need anymore plants(room is an issue) but he aint home right now-- so, yeah. lol.

Oh I was also wondering about feeding? I put food in the water that I mist it with as well as watering. Is that too much? can you over-feed a plant? (or will it get fat, like I do when I over feed me). lol I mist about every other day. So far it hasn't seem to hurt them, I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks for everything! :)

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and now I want one!! Fire Flash that is-- soo purtty!! lol. My DH will have to thank you all when he gets home-- lol.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Lamora,

Yes that's too much fertilizer, use it dilute, once a month maybe, only when in active growth.

In gardening, patience is just as important as anything else, like light & water.

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Good Morning Marquest, Lamoroa & Karen,

Marquest...told you I'm a bad
I found my FF at Jewel's Grocery store.
While shopping, as usual I 'had' to check out their small plant department. There sat a FireFlash..only problem, I had NO idea what this gorgeous plant was. I picked it up, then placed back on the shelf.

After returning home I couldn't get NOID plant off my mind. A few days later we needed more groceries. I decided, if by chance the NOID plant was around, 'considering there was only one,' I'd buy it. Well, it was nowhere in sight. How disappointing!
Two weeks later dh and I went back to Jewel's. (We shop a lot, right? lol) I mentioned the NOID plant..First stop was directly to the plant dept. It was dh who spotted the NOID hidden behind a larger plant..He picked it up and asked, "is this the plant you're looking for?" I grabbed NOID so fast dh didn't know what hit
Ironically, while walking down each aisle, a few people walked up to me, complimenting FF. After the third person commented my new, un-purchased-yet, NOID plant, I kept it close so no one would 'accidently' take it from my cart..It wasn't until NOID was in the car did I feel
I don't know how long it took before someone on GW posted a pic of their Fire Flash. FF was no longer a NOID, it had a name. What a shock discovering NOID was a Chlorophytum. Since that day, I've never seen FF sold anywhere in IL. I believe it was meant to be----be mine. lol.

Marquest, your FF is lookin' good..Has it flowered?

Lamora, Karen/Pirate Girl is right. Often people assume if they add extra fertilizer, they'll wake the following day and find a Jack in the Beanstalk

Over-fertilizing causes spindly growth, or even death. I usually fertilize with half the amount the directions suggest, 'depending on fertilizer type.'

Lamora, LOL, on being impatient..You better not get into succulents..Some take years to resemble a
But, worth the wait.

Oh yes, one must be Super patient when it comes to training or house-breaking a pup/dog. Some pups learn fast, others take a little longer.

I have to give credit to our older dog, Sam, who helped house-break our second puppy, Coco. Coco would watch as I brought Sam out back, curious where Sam was going. lol. Within a week, Coco was doing his duty outdoors.

What type of puppy did you get? AWWW...

Philodendrons and Pothos do well in an east window. Not too harsh nor shady.

Be careful placing plants outside. Start off in a shady spot..I set my plants out on cloudy days.
A few hours per day is better than nothing..and yes, I do understand how some people have sticky fingers..Horrible!

Half the time, dh's don't know if a plant has been be really nice, iykwim, or act natural...nothing 'new' is happening, lol.

Now that you've seen Marquest's Fire Flash, what do you think?

Oops, you gave your opinion the following will be getting a new plant..:)


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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, that is such a funny story. I think I have a pic of mine when I first got it. The poor plant was on its last leg. I like to take a pic of my half dead plants before and after it sort of tells a story of what you really can do. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

It also was the only one at Lowes dead plant area. I go to that area alot. lol My daughter teases me saying I am always buying plants to bring them back to life.

My Mom always said I had a growing hand. Yes Toni it flowered last summer. I was with my Mom so much at the end I did not get a chance to take a pic.

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I thought it more strange than funny..why wasn't the FF sold within the 2-3 week period while sitting on a shelf when so many people complimented the little guy??

It came in a 6" pot, cost 7.00 or so.. it wasn't a matter of price. I don't get it.

I thought it was history a couple years ago. I was hauling plants out for summer. While lugging three plants in my hands/arms, one needed to be set down.
I placed FF on a plastic container. What I didn't realize was behind the container was a hot water vent.
5-minutes later I noticed steam blazing out of the vent. I rushed over, picked it up..10 or so minutes later every leaf looked frost-bitten. The steam did a number and happened so fast. Every leaf had to be removed.

It's now doing fine..But what an experience!

The dead-plant favorte! lol

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Hopefulauthor-- My Sadie is a 2 yr old lab mix. My DH got her for me for Valentine's day 2 yrs ago, she was 8 wks old. Just as "we" were getting the training thing down real good, I decided to break my knee-- second time for this knee. So Training got cut real short. I can't do a lot of things like I want to with her because of it, walking is slow and short, and days like today? very painful. Shes smart, learns fast, I just can't be as consistence about it as I would like to be. My Sadie is the one that suffers from it. Shortness of patient is more of me-- not her.

I would like to get her to become a Certified Service Dog for me this year, companion service dog. "We" have a VERY LONG WAYS to go, I do mean WE cuz it is a team effort.

And yes- I am going to look for a Fire Flash real soon here. Was going to look today for one, but it was cut short cuz of my knee hurting so bad, just got what I needed and came home. There is always tomorrow... so I hear.

Thanks for the info about the plant food too, (never thought of it as fertilizer, I thought they were different things, silly me)wasn't expecting a "beanstalk" affect, mainly got it for the baby spiders, it really seemed to helped, they were not doing good for a while. like I said, they don't seem to be affected by the misting of it, but I will not feed them like that anymore, just to be safe.. :) I am using nothing but distilled water anymore, on all my plants. Hope that is a "good" thing?

I can't stand the water here, (Sadie isn't too picky about it) but I can't stand the taste of it. Really miss Preston water, straight out of the tap.. soo cold and clean.. ok, now I'm thirsty!! lol

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