I have a fun game for you - spot that 70s plant!

MojaveLove(5 - IL)February 3, 2011

I'm 25 and I love 70s sitcoms. I'm not a fan of police or hospital dramas and that is pretty much all that is on tv now.

I was watching an episode of the Bob Newhart Show yesterday and the beginning of the episode, his secretary (name escapes me) moved all of her houseplants into his office because they do so well in there. She thinks it's because they feel better about themselves listening to his patients talk.

Anyway, it made me laugh because it reminded me of me (and my fiance's slowly fading patience with me and plants LOL) just based on how she acted toward them. "I grew this one from a seed, do you know how wonderful that feels?!"

Anyway, like the plant dork I am, I was paying more attention to what she had than the show lol.

So my game for you:

What plants do you see???

I spotted a Zebra plant (my most hated house plant, against the wall behind his desk) and of course Snake Plants (next to the door)

Anyway here is the link (I hope it works...)

[It links to hulu by the way, if you've never heard of it it's a very trustworthy site and has every tv show imaginable on there]


It's in the first few minutes so you won't really need to search around for it.

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

hmmmm the link I posted doesn't work let's try it again

Here is a link that might be useful: Ok here's the link

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Mums next to the Zebra, and of course, large Spider. I can't see the leaves on the plant she's holding. lol..Wish the pic expanded..Toni

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


What a great idea!!

I loved visiting that site to see an old familiar show that I used to watch...especially because it reminds me of my father!!! Bob looks like my dad... ( I miss him..)

I cant really see any other named plants...Like Hopefulauthor said...i wish that i could zoom in!!

Thank you for making me smile and remember that great shows of the 70's...those were the days!!! LOL...
Another that cames to mine..."love American Style" that was a great one too!

Have a great day everyone...

Laura in VB

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Laura, funny, the other night two 70's shows came to mind. Love American Style and Love on a Rooftop.

It's funny Mojave brought up this subject.
We get an old movie channel. Dates range from 40's-60's, but some go as far back as silent films.

A few wks ago, I watched one old movie, then another. 98% had plants in one room or another. Palms and Sans were in the lead. Outdoor scenes consisted of flowering plants, especially climbing Bougainvilleas. So nice, Toni

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The show that comes to my mind is Three's Company. Janet had a lot of houseplants as she worked in a flower shop. The one opening shows her watering a plant and then spills water on a sunbathing Chrissy. I forget the plant she was watering though.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, this is too funny. I have Three's Company, Season 1. After reading your post, I had to turn on the DVD to see what plant Janet is watering 'where water lands on Chrissy.'

It's a Peperomia Caperata, 'Emerald Ripple.'

There are other plants on the patio, but that scene is seconds long so I can't make them out. Toni

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MojaveLove great thread, this is what I spotted zebra, spider,mum,calathea,rubber tree,begonia,drac, mother in-law tonuge,chinese evergreen,fern,split leaf philo & what looked like a china doll..of course I watched a little longer..why do you not like zebra plants

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

I had a Zebra plant at work on my desk and it did not cooperate and was really moody. It always dropped leaves but wouldn't die lol...a co-worker ended up taking it home and said the rootball was HUGE so that might have been why it didn't like me.

In the show Bob and his wife have a bunch of plants in their apartment too. I also noticed that 70s shows had lots of plants but not so much in TV shows today. Weird. Granted I wasn't around but I wonder if houseplants were a bigger thing then than now. Really I'm the only person in my family/friends that is active with house plants.

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Mojave. I don't/didn't watch either show..checked Hulu for Bob Newharts, plants.

Plants became 'fashionable' in the late 60's, early 70's, but the average person had a plant or two in their homes.
My mother even grew Sweet Potato in water..
Both my parents disliked plants..my father said the scent of flowers reminded him of a funeral home..lol
I started growing veggies, outdoors, at 11-yrs-old. lol
That's how my hobby established.
When my mother came to visit, she said my house looked like a jungle. lol..she said she'd rather hang curtains instead of 'Plants!' Right. lol..

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

My parents like outdoor gardening but hate house plants, I don't know why. They have a really amazing garden too, but just can't handle house plants!

I haven't gone crazy with houseplants yet, a Sans on our desk, a few succulents in the window, and about 4 tropicals scattered downstairs. So far my fiance is glad I have found a hobby to put my extra time into (and he is REALLY excited for tomatoes this summer lol) though he doesn't get it. I like the "feeling" it gives the house and I feel like it makes the house healthier. I know he is afraid that I'll become one of the people on here that have 300 plants in their house LOL!

I brought home a palm (that I ended up returning for something else) and I could tell he hated it "It's really.....big" but didn't know how to tell me without crushing my dreams LOL

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

PS - Laura, I'm glad I was able to bring a happy memory and make you think of your dad too :)

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Hi...there was alot of plants there..
spider plant
swedish ivy
prayer plant
zebra plant
grape fruit tree-she grew from a seed
peace lily
polka dot plant-green with yellow dots
boston fern
palm or some kind
snake plant
and a small dieffenbachia
how did I do???

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