Did I Do That? Oncidium Flower Spike!

kaktuskris(5)February 25, 2012

Just when I thought my orchids would not flower for me, I see this on my weekly Saturday plant inspection! This was my $5 "Mystery Orchid" I bought from a local greenhouse last April, (Mike knows which one.) I believe it is a "Sharry Baby," as that is what most of their Oncidiums were, but soon I shall know for sure. What a nice surprise!


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Congrats. I just picked up a Sharry Baby a few weeks ago. Any growing tips? :)

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There are some people who know a lot more than I do about orchids on the Orchid Forum.

But as for my personal experience, I put my Oncidium not too far from a south facing window where it gets some full sun each day. I water it thoroughly once a week, and keep it in a clay pot in a bark mix. Remember, as with all houseplants, more orchids die from overwatering than any other cause, so when in doubt, don't! Best of luck with yours!


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Sharry baby = CHOCOLATE SMELLS! Great plant!

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Chris!!! No way?

I am so happy for you buddy! Look at that plant. You have done a remarkable job and all without a greenhouse too! You should see my 5 dollar one that bloomed. It smells so heavenly. I never thought I could do it. In fact, I have two, and the other just wants to grow leaves.lol

Chris, you should try a Star Twinkle if you like that one. Even sweeter than a Sharry and it flowers throughout the whole year. They are easy to re-flower and not fussy at all. I LOVE this one. I will take a pic for you:-)

It's beautiful Chris. Now imagine growing a few of them from trees in the tropics?

Hello Tom. Let me know if any of you want to go to the next succulent meeting next month as a guest of mine at the Tower Hill Botanical Center.


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Hi Mike!

Yes, way! I am very surprised,of course. Sure hope it IS a Sharry Baby, want that lovely fragrance! So glad I picked this up!!! So you got those two from Lake Street as well? Now that I know I can get an Oncidium to flower again, I'm ready for another one! At a good price, of course! Would love to see more photos of your orchids, Mike!


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Hello Chris!

Yes, I am very proud of you and yes, Lake Street all the way. I was told getting mine to bloom the following year would be a challenge since they push them real hard to sell when we buy them, but we proved them wrong, right?

Here you go, ask and you shall receive. If I ever should move to the tropics, I will take them all with me:-)

My Golden Tang.

Fragrant orchids from here down.

This one is just starting to open. It will smell like vanilla

This one smells like chocolate.

This is the one I was telling you about. It smells like vanilla/chocolate cake. Yummy.

These are some of my Cattleya's I am still waiting to flower and some seedlings. Everyone of them will be fragrant.

There is just a few Chris. I think I am going to exhaust all the room in my greenhouse. But, there are so many orchids you can fit in places nothing else will go:-)


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Very impressive, my friend! Three of your photos are of Zygopetalum, photos 2, 3, 4. One is similar to mine I posted photos of. I have to say, Mike, I prefer the colour of the Sharry Baby over the paler vanilla/chocolate cake one you have, but I am sure the fragrance is superb. I am so envious!


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Thanks Chris!@!

I LOVE the Zygopetalum Chris. They smell so exotic and permeate the entire room I walk in. Where was I when these were out?lol

Oh yes, the color of the 'Shary Baby' is much more vivid, but the other has an INTENSE sweet fragrance and flowers all year! I LOVE this orchid. Love the both actually.

Wait until you see the three beautiful orchids a VERY kind member on the orchid forum gave me. That member has a HUGE heart heart for sure.

Hope you are having a great day Chris and that this snow and our stresses melt away fast for sure:-)

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jessiec777(Washington State 5)

How exciting Chris....do post pictures when it blooms!

Gorgeous collection you have there Mike!

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Thanks, Jessie.

Mike, eager to see those three orchids you are talking about. As for mine, how long do you think it takes from the appearance of the flower spike, to the actual blooming?

Sure wasn't ready for this snow, after such a snow-free winter previous to this storm. Hope the rain this Saturday washes it all away.


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So can anyone give me an idea of how long after the appearance of the flower spike that the buds will begin to open?



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Orchid_Lover56(3 Montana)

Yo all,

Recently got myself a sharry baby an 2 csttleyas and can't wait for them to bloom. Baby has about an 18" Spike and can't wait for blooms. I live in montana. What do I need to do to keep the pseudobulbs from shriveling up. And like christopher about how long before I see blooms? It is growing about half an inch a day. How much water should I give it? Sorry for all the questions. Nice to find an active group. Photo 1 is when I got it.
Like mikes photos too


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