Alternaria leaf blight on yellow squash?

FADiverJuly 12, 2011

I think my straight neck squash are getting a bad case of Alternaria leaf blight. Older leaves are yellowing and getting brown spots, and it is spreading to nearby cucumbers (I'd post a pic, but I seriously can not figure out how...). Forum searches and google searches don't offer much help. Can anything be done? Also, the weather over the past three weeks has been ridiculously hot here in northern Alabama; heat index well over one hundred, very high humidity, and it storms every day. The soil is quite damp. If it's not alternaria, could it be that the squash and cucumbers simply can't take the weather (I'm barely surviving myself, believe me). I would think that the damage would be more uniform if that was the case, but maybe the younger leaves are just stronger. Thanks for any advice,

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this is altemaria, does it look the same?

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Yeah, actually it does. Seems to have whitish spots as well that turn brown and then turn into holes in the leaves. I wonder if it's transmitted by the birds that like to perch on my trellis (and poop on the squash and cukes below)?

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