Global weirding -- July heat

elisa_z5July 17, 2014

As in, it's July and I had to turn the heat on this morning.

Two nights in a row in the 40's. Sweaters have come out of the closets.

Tomatoes are shivering, but peas still happy.

Anyone got snow???

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Really pleasant here for 3 or 4 days and cool at night.

Actually it's more like local weirding. When it's cooler here, it's warmer some where else. Weather happens. It's been weird all my life and likely long before that.

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It has been a completely normal July here, spot on the 30-year average. However, it has felt hotter than normal here because this is the first month since January that hasn't been colder than normal, and the first non-winter month since last September that hasn't been colder than normal.

Five years ago however, I observed a light frost in July. Last year, it got down to 36 degrees F in my yard one July morning.

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wayne_5... warmer somewhere else is right!

Already 7-8days above 100 in north central washington with the high being 107 in Omak!

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

Enjoying a few days of fog! Getting me doing some projects! Then warming back up! Nancy

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I like your title, "Global Weirding" :)! The weather has been weird here too but opposite from yours. I pretty much grew up where I am living now. Our summers where pretty good with temps in the 80s as the norm but for about the last 5 years or so it has been 90-100 for many days. We have a heat wave for at least 2 weeks every summer and sometimes much longer. We had to change our zone from 5b to 6a. Our heat zone still has us listed too low as we have quite a few days above 86.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

In short term history (past 8 years or there about) this summer would be cooler than "normal" but in the recorded data for this area it is about spot on the average. I'm not saying that your weather isn't a bit unusual, but it might not be as strange as you think. A glance at the record lows for the place I grew up (a zone 5 also) on dates from next week show multiples in the the low 40s and one at 38! Hope your tomatoes don't get set back too much!

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Weicker(6a PA)

We just had a 43 degree night... my container tomatoes are looking rough today. Hoping they bounce back from the stress quickly.

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Very few insects this year⦠I have a strip of flowering shrubs and wildflowers growing at the edge of my property near the forest - every year in June-July-August when all these flowers are blooming, I have many butterflies of different kinds hovering above the flowers all the time⦠IâÂÂve seen none this year, not even a few - so strange and so sad. :(
Also, not many bumblebees buzzing around my dozen of catmint plants⦠I see them - but it is maybe 1/5 of what I saw in previous years⦠even less honey bees.
My cucumbers, zucchinis and melons donâÂÂt set fruit - no pollinatorsâ¦.
I just hope, their populations will recover from the horrible winter and next year would be better. Global weirding indeed...

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davids10 z7a nv.

hottest july ever here in nevada-10-15 above average with more 100 days to come. we average 3 100 days for the summer but we've had 9 in july alone-each of the past 4 summers has been warmest on record.

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Here, near Buffalo, NY, there were some butterflies a few weeks ago, but nothing like the usual. Not many honeybees, but that has been the norm of late. Have 5000 sq ft of perennial beds with something in bloom somewhere all the time. Lots of small bees on the Globe Thistle, but not many bumble bees. Heard my first cicada last week, and one today, July 18, but just for a minute or so. Yes, I think the winter did a number on a lot of insects this year. But we have tons of Baltimore Orioles this year. More than usual. Maybe that's because I have 3 feeders and all the new young ones found them.

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Believe it or not a polar vortex (similar to the past winter) is the culprit. High of 78 here in Upstate South Carolina today...normally in the 90's. Still too humid though...oh, the blasted humidity!

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Very interesting weather reports from all around.
Nevada sounds brutal!

Last winter seems to have done a number on bees and pollinators (though mine are finally becoming active and I stopped hand pollinating the squash) but it also seems to have helped out with the CPBs, JBs and Squash bugs--seeing very few this
year (knocking on wood as I type this).

At least there are still gazillions of fire flies!

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In central NC we had a 2-3x more winter storms than we generally have, including a weird early spring winter storm that screwed a lot of insects and soil grubs up.

We had about 8 days of 60s/70s in mid-March that crashed right into a 4-day severe cold snap that included 1"+ of snow

Spring plants that survived or shrugged off the early damage did awesome with low pest pressure, though. There weren't many spring grub/caterpillar problems.

The only plant predator I've seen in above average numbers are "white cabbage" moths. Spider mites and slugs seem to be around in their usual numbers. Aphids started late and surged by late spring, but this has been a great natural aphid predator year...very little soap spraying for control (especially compared to last year).

The bee population has been steady as historically usual around here with the exception of carpenter bees, which I've not seen a lot of this year.

The mosquitoes are out in friendly areas near standing water, but their overall spread around outdoor areas is rather low. I can live with that.

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Cooler than usual all summer so far here, for the most part. Only a few hot humid days. Shivering today. Dry spring.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I also am on the border between 5a and 6b with lower than normal temperatures. I saw more stink bugs indoors during winter when we had record breaking cold of -15 to -20 than I have seen this summer. I've seen only a handful of Japanese beetles and only one tomato worm, no aphids and also almost no lady bugs. Last year there seemed to be hordes of them. The photo is of the only hummingbird (or sphinx) moth I've seen this summer when I normally have many of them along with a host of swallowtails. My plants seem to be getting enough visits from pollinators, but I haven't seen any bumble bees or honey bees this summer.

On the other hand, the cold, damp weather has been very inviting to disease. I had to trash a couple tomato plants and many petunias, which normally thrive here, due to fungus infections. And my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are a couple weeks behind in producing. Okra is pitiful.

I have been on this earth for many decades, and I think weather patterns are changing in significant ways.

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By the way, Ohiofem, that is a gorgeous pic!

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