Wandering Jew plant

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)February 20, 2010

My wandering Jew plant had cascaded over the pot and was touching the carpet so I cut it back and put some cuttings in water as a friend wanted some saved for him. I had rooted the cuttings in water and they had done well, but today when I went to plant it in a pot for him to take home, the stems kept breaking off; they were so brittle. Should I have just started the cuttings in Rootone instead of water? I know the original plant was started from cuttings from my neighbor's plant. I don't recall how I did that, but we put it outside in the Spring and Summer and it grows crazy wild and wonderful. Any secrets of rooting this plant? I'm about ready to take my original plant outside and just cut it way back and feed it with oscacote and see what happens.

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Just stick the cuttings into moderately moist soil, rather than water. I've never had any trouble with getting them to root even without rooting hormone. :3

Since this is a thread on wandering jew, and it would be silly to start another one..

I've got mine in a hanging basket before a window that gets sun all day.. it's this absolutely gorgeous, iridescent purple, but the green stripes on the leaves are beginning to fade.. Should I move it into a less well-lit location? (It's an actual wandering jew, not a fuzzy purple heart.)



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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

My plant started as cuttings, which rooted in less than four day's time.
I agree with N, root straight in soil. Couldn't be easier.

N, give it a little less light and you should see a difference. Too
much moisture will sometimes cause a faded, washed out look.


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Will try it! Thanks for the feedback.

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