Anyone NOT summer outdoors?

MojaveLove(5 - IL)February 25, 2011

A lot you bring plants outside for the summer. Anyone out there that does NOT do this? Since we have a townhome the only place I'd put them is the (tiny) back "porch" (tiny square of concrete). Aside from not having any room, that spot gets direct, unobstructed sun all day, from the moment it rises until about two hours before sunset. About 12 hours of full sun. We get really cold winters here, but we get REALLY HOT humid summers too, especially since I'm in a very swampy area. Lots...and lots....of mosquitoes.

Or maybe you have some plants you don't move outdoors? Do anything different with your indoor-only friends?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I leave quite a few plants indoors, actually.
Two out of three Hoyas stay indoors, while one gets to vacation outside in the maple.
If I had a few more partially shaded areas, I'd take all the Hoyas out. Peace Lily stays in,
as does Dieffenbachia, Epipremnum (Pothos), African Violets, Monstera deliciosa,
Spider Plants, et cetera.


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I have a similar situation. Townhouse with a deck in full sun, no shade at all. Frankly, the sun is brutal!

I grow orchids and some tropicals. Last year I acclimated the high light plants by putting them outside the front door, which faces North. Looked strange but it was the only way to get them adjusted to going on the deck.

I then put plants under a large, patio umbrella, moving them when the sun moved. I grew annuals in containers and utilized them for some shade. When they grew large enough, I put many houseplants around those containers to provide shade during the hottest part of the day.

It was a pain and many plants suffered sunburn. I grew flowering vines in containers and they eventually provided shade for some houseplants.

Spent the summer juggling plants in and out until they adjusted to the sun and could stay put.

This gives an idea of what I did. The small plants were partially shaded by the large pots of annuals, vegetables and vines. Many indoor plants got scorched anyway, but came through it fine. My lower light plants stayed indoors.

The large Dahlia and tomatoes really helped.


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Most of my plants are brought outside, but those that stay indoors year round are: all but one orchid, African Violets, Dracaenas, most Palms, Lipstick Plant, Philodendrons, Ficus, Spider Plants, Begonias..
There's probably more but can't think of any at the moment. It's 1:44am, lol. Toni

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Greenman, how big is your monstera?
This is the plant I have which has summered outdoors since I got it a couple of years ago. It was repotted about 4 times so far. It spent the winter inside, this time on our sunporch on the south side of our house. I think that it needs repotting again, because it has rootlets or long "ropes" about 3 feet long, reaching from the top of the pot down the length of the plant stand and running along the floor.

I know that this year, I want to pot it really good and probably move it into a permanent spot with a climbing frame or something to let it climb to the top of my new "Teahouse/Garage/Greenhouse". Which is about 15-16 feet.
I am thinking of leaving it in the Teahouse permanently, because by the end of summer, it is bound to have adventured far and wide beyond its new pot.

Do you also have any idea what the ultimate size pot for this monstera might be if grown totally indoors?

This is my first posting on House Plants forum, but I've been around GW for a while.

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With the exception of a few plants (Ming aralia since we get high winds in Ohio in the summer which they don't really *like*, Norfolk Island Pine because once they get acclimated to indoors environments they don't seem to like going outdoors) I used to do this.

Now, however, I'm living in an apartment, so it's sort a major we'll-see thing right now. I could and probably should send my C&S home to my parents, although I don't really trust them not to kill them (Sorry! They're not plant people though).

Thing is, I had to keep everything on the porch for various reasons, so things weren't getting hugely great light anyway. As is, I actually got a lot of things etiolating outdoors that /weren't/ etiolating when smooshed right up against a window. So I don't know. I've got west and east facing windows and I'm on the third floor. We'll see.

Truth is, the main concern I have is heat. Especially in terms of watering. When it's 90-100 degrees out and you have a gritty mix, rot isn't much of an issue as it is at, say, 70 degrees.

On the other hand I'm cheap and will never be running the AC anyway.

This is science!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The only plant I leave indoors in summer is a Madagascar palm, because it looks way cool in a small pot & is so tall it would be easily be toppled in any kind of wind. I'd weep if any of its daggers were broken. Ever try to do a full repot on a large Madagascar palm w/o breaking any of the spines?

Ammcour - keep after the science part. You probably already know what a huge difference it makes.

A quick 'HI' to Moccasinlanding, too! (there's gotta be a story that goes with the name) Welcome.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Howdy, Moccasinlanding! (that is a cool name)
Welcome aboard! Check this Thread for a few blurry pics of my Monstera. I'd say that the plant
is now about three feet by four feet....depending on how I have it turned/leaned against the wall.
Scroll down to the July 15th posting for a pic of the whole plant:



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"Ammcour - keep after the science part. You probably already know what a huge difference it makes."

Well, I figure if I leave things indoors throughout May and June, if it looks like I'm having problems I still have, essentially, through all of September at the least to keep things outdoors.

In any case, I think switching the C&S over to an entirely inorganic mix of some sort (I think I live near a Turface supplier, now) might be a very useful thing that would benefit my efforts immensely.

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I take nothing out. The main reason is the chance of bringing hitchhikers back in. With over 400 African Violets, a thrips or three getting inside could mean the end of my collection; thrips are the only known vector of INSV and there is no cure.

Even before I grew AVs, I didn't take them out. I'm much too likely to forget them for a day (or two) and have them die from lack of water; my schedule is too erratic and doesn't lead to consistency. Inside where it's cooler me missing a day or two won't kill them.

They seems to be quite happy staying inside.

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I bring about half of my indoor plants outside for the summer, keeping my more important and rare bulbs and plants inside, where I know they're protected.

This season, however, we'll have use of a small greenhouse we erected last year, about 10' x 12', so more of my collection may be exiting the house for summer. It all depends on whether I'm able to obtain shade cloth in time for the hotter, brighter months of summer.

The only worry I have is NBF, or Narcissus Bulb Fly, a pest that bulb lovers abhor.

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Lathyrus..400 AV's..I don't blame you for being cautious. Do you grow different sizes or stick with Large or Mini's, etc?

Amccour..I don't use a/c either, but keep fans on..Last summer was a hot one, wasn't it? I love sun beating against my body, but 3 months at 97-99F w/98-100% humidity..Whew!

Josh, I clicked on your Monstera Link..It's absolutely gorgeous.. Is it kept in that spot year round? It looks a larger than 3', but could be the picture.

Mojave, I forgot to ask, do you have any plants that would survive in such harsh sun? Toni

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Toni, yes it stays in that spot year-round.
It's 3 feet tall, by 4 feet wide....maybe 5 feet now.
Definitely needs to be re-potted and supported.


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Josh, it looks 7-8' tall, 5' wide..Its leaves are perfect.
Do you recall me posting two variegated Monsteras? They looked bad..Each had two leaves, two green and X, the other leaves brown. I removed both brown leaves,...the second/healthier leaf stems were weak. They died back..Now, neither have any leaves. I'm so upset..Should have complained to the Ebay seller.. He normally ships quality plants, more than two leaves. They should have been healthier and/or more leaves for what I paid.

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Having visited the albums of Greenman and Wren, I can say that I am one who appreciates the same kind of plants you all do. The greener the better, flowers not required. Although some of the plants have surprised me with very tall flower stalks. Like the mother of thousands, the aloe vera, and the asparagus ferns as well. I'm into birdnest ferns especially, as well as staghorns. I just got rid of a big scheffelera when I could not get rid of the scale on it, and it was transfering its problems to my beloved staghorns. Because of the information read on here, I ordered the Brand X Foliage Cleaner which is being shipped now. I HATE scale. I HATE aphids. This is the first time I ever had such an infestation, and IT IS TOTAL WAR.

Every morning I take one or two plants to the kitchen sink and pick over them like a mama monkey over her baby at the zoo. If I find anything, it is outdoor shower time.

Once the contractor gets out of my redone garage, now called the Teahouse/Plant sanctuary, I will be moving most of my stuff now on the sunporch, out there. I was allowing most things to summer outdoors (back on topic now), but since reading that some scary things can happen out there, I am half way thinking to keep all my healthy things in the garage. It has half a roof of double walled Lexan on the east side. I wanted all Lexan, but I was told on the greenhouse forum that my building was not suitable to make a greenhouse.

Good to meet you ladies and gents, I'd like to get to know you all better. Years worth of gardening pictures are among my albums on Webshots, link below. Mostly I'm an Alabama gardener in Mobile AL, but since 2006 when I married an Irishman from Lowell MA, I've had the privilege of learning how to garden Yankee know, with cold season plants. See you guys later.

Here is a link that might be useful: MoccasinLanding's Webshot albums..look for gardening

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Moccacinlanding. I'm 'sort-of' in a rush, 'dinner ya know, but clicked on your link.
Since I'm also a lover of feather friends, I can't wait to peek at all your birdie pics.
However, I didn't see any headings regarding plants.

Welcome, to GW.

Do you grow houseplants, too, or is your specialty outdoor gardening?

It's great meeting you, too..Always a welcome to meet new people..especially plant & pet lovers.. :)

I wish we had talked before you got rid of your Scheff. If ever you have a Scale problem again, spray with Fish Emulsion. It's the best!

I was sent an Olive Tree from on online nursery. What I didn't notice, at first was scale..While misting, I found a brown lump on a leaf..After further inspection, I discovered the little tree was totally infested with these disgusting, brown lumps..To top it off, two Citrus, on either side of the Olive, were scale-loaded.

A woman in Fl who owns a citrus nursery once told me they use FE as a preventative and insectide on their citrus trees. I phoned her to ask the dossage, and sprayed both citrus and olive.
A couple days later, all signs of scale were gone. I checked thoroughly, believe me. lol..I applied a second application a wk later..
My plants, all 300-400, are now scale-free, thank God..The scale episode happened several years ago, but if I ever find another Scale-bug, I'll know what to do.

Anyone, got to get dinner on..hubby will soon be home from work, he likes a hot

Take puter will be on. I check email and GW regularly..Again, nice meeting you..Toni. I too am female, my name can be

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Toni, sorry I missed your question earlier. The Avs are all sizes from micro mini to large. A few chimeras thrown in, too. I won't keep 400, but have about 250 babies right now. I will keep 1-2 of each until the bloom and share the rest with others (I have 4-5 plants of some kinds).

I seem to recall you're in the Chicago area from some of your posts...I'm in the city.

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Break time..

Lathyrus, you sure have a huge number of AV's..Chimeras are so beautiful. Do you find them harder to keep compared to AV's?
I've bid on Chims on Ebay, but it never failed,

I was born and raised in Chicago, but moved to Brookfield some time back.
If you don't mind me asking, what area are you around? Please, don't be specific.

Do you ever go to the AV Forum? A couple years ago, someone posted a Large AV. I can't recall the exact diameter, somewhere between 27-32." Its flowers are amazing.

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MojaveLove(5 - IL)

Toni do you have an easy time with fruit trees indoors? I was looking at some websites of fruit trees and was having wonderful dreams of bing cherries right in my back yard. I know that the lemon and olive are the best for bringing indoors...sniff

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I keep all my plants inside in NY in winter and put them pretty much all outside starting May thru August. They love the summer... I now have Pothos size leaves that are bigger than my hand from growing in bright sun in the summer, talk about thick stems. They go wild outside, I think they love the rain water. Where are you?? It takes me about an hour to water all my plants. I just sent some pothos to someone in California...The new California friend has a small porch/patio too. Pothos can go in or outside. P.S. they are great at blocking the sun, I have shelves of them, my major problem is getting sun thru the multiple plants in the winter when I have everything inside. If you need shade for outside plants you might try using these to shade fragile plants??? Besides they get beautiful in the sun..If you have any vine plants you want to trade or want some pothos, contact me at

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Hopeful Author, Toni, I tried to email you through GW, but found no addy. Just wanted to let you know I moved all the garden related albums to the top of the list of albums, with the parrot albums right after that.

Thank you for your kind welcome, I am pleased to be here. Looks like an active and friendly place.

I have a good many house plants, am a fan of tropicalesque look. While I garden outdoors a lot, and have in the past summered my houseplants outdoors, I may come to leave the larger ones in my newly renovated garage/planthouse/teahouse. I'm getting too old to move all the big pots twice a year.

The fact that I've lived in several homes over the past several years does not mean I am a gypsy. I sold my beloved cottage at MoccasinLanding in 2004, and rented a RiverHouse from a friend for a year. I never expected at my age to remarry, but that happened. Before we got hitched, we bought a lovely house on Dog River, while he was still up in Massachusetts, I was busy remodelling and putting in new appliances, and had been in it a month when Hurricane Katrina destroyed it. Then after I got out of that trailer (a real painful experience), I moved into Casa Del Sol to rent it from a friend until we decided what to do. We got married in 2006, and after that I did some gardening up in MA zone 5b, a real interesting experience. I'd just about had my fill of moving around, so we persuaded our friend to sell us the little stucco cottage we named Casa Del of the sun. And that was on Valentine Day 2008.
Since then, I've enjoyed renewing my interest in house plants, in creating a tropical garden and especially a New Orleans courtyard style garden behind our privacy fence. Also using some of the old Mobile bricks salvaged from our destroyed river house. I plan on living here for the rest of my life. My roots are going deeper every day.

We are about to sell the MA house, I love that cape but how do you give your heart to two houses? I don't know how anyone manages to do that. I put my heart into my home, and just workworkwork on it. And as an Alabama gal, this is where my heart will always belong.

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Hi Toni, Brookfield is a lovely town. I was raised far, far south (in farm fields close to Kankakee, lol) and moved into the city about 8 years ago - for true love :-). I was in a lovely condo in Lakeview but recently moved to a bungalow in Albany Park. I saw a red-tailed hawk in the yard, yesterday, so the move has been a nice change.

Chims sure can get high on Ebay! I've been lucky to get a few in trades. I just don't have the constitution to bid many dollars for plants! I haven't found the ones I have to be harder to grow than other AVs. I do find that some AV varieties are more particular than others, just in general, though. Not terribly, but a bit.

I prefer another AV forum and tend not to use this one.

At some time you'll have to tell me about the Tinley Park plant shop - where it is, etc. My sister is still far south and she could drive me on one of my visits; one of the nice things is that I don't need a car in the city, but it makes suburban reconnaissance a bit difficult, lol.

Speaking of plant shows, the Illinois Gesneriad show is at the Chicago Arboretum next weekend. They are supposed to have some nice plants for sale (but you're supposed to get there early Saturday if you don't want to miss them). I'm trying to figure an easy way to get there. It looks a bit chilly for the train and my bike, lol.

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Mojove. The only fruit trees I grow indoors that fruit are citrus (lemon/lime/orange) and one Olive Tree, 'Olea'
I also have 3 Vanilla Orchids, 1 Coffee, 1 variegated, 1 green Gingers, but so far, none produced. Too bad, huh?

Citrus and Olive are really difficult, if one has a bright room that cools a little in the evening, humidifer, proper soil, fertilizer, daily misting, inspecting and love.
Talking/singing to these guys doesn't hurt
Are you thinking about getting a fruit tree?

I've never tried a cherry trees indoors. Fruit trees, grown inside are usually grown as bonsais, but I don't know the first thing about caring for a true bonsai. The few Bonsais I have are Ficus and succulents.

True fruit trees, cherry, peach, pears need a cold period. And a lot of sun. Some probably need two trees, male and female, (to produce) but this is speculation. I have Kiwi outside; to get fruit you need a male and at the minimum, two females. Figures, MEN! lol j/k. sort

Plantmedic..Welcome. I don't recall seeing you around House Plants before..You grow Pothos in direct sun or am I misreading your comment? email should show, but I think GW is having problems. I even tried editing, but it doesn't go through.
My email addy is

Actually, I think moving around would be interesting. The only problem I'd have is if I had an outdoor garden, and had to leave favorite perrenials behind. Or, if moving to a state like Fl, where I couldn't bring my citrus would be very difficult decision. Plus, hauling indoor plants around would be a LOT of work.
Otherwise, moving to a new home, different area/state, would be nice.
BTW, Congrats on your marriage.

I'm terribly sorry about Katrina destroying your new home. That'd had to be a true horror!
Besides that disaster, you've lived through some lovely places.

Alabama is a beautiful state. We don't travel much, 'pets' but visited once. If it was up to me, I'd move there..Perfect climate, very nice people.. An Andy Griffith scene. :)
Southern GA and AL are gorgeous. I'm green w/envy. lol. Here in IL, the last time we've seen real sun was Wed. As I type, we're having more snow-blizzardy weather, and temps are very very cold. No desire to even step out the door.
Welcome again. BTW, I've never been up east, but every picture I've seen, everything heard, was pleasant.
So, you're back in Al, is that correct?

Brookfield is for transportation, you MUST have a car..
When we moved here, it was like moving to the country. I was used to honking horns, public transportation. You don't see taxi's here, and in order to ride on a bus, it's done on schedule..No buses at night. lol.

I've been to Kankakee many times..Very pretty town..Kank has bird shows I enjoy going to, but haven't attended in a couple years.

Ha, Chims are expensive everywhere. lol. Have you ever shopped at Violet Barn/Rob's Violets..there's a couple other AV nurseries I browse through and bought from..but it's been a while.

Ted's addy is 16930 S 84th St. Tinley Pk. I can give you the phone number if you're interested.
They're closed Sun, that is, until March..The original owner is still around..he loves talking plants, and quite proud of all he's accomplished.
The greenhouses are wonderful. They always have something rare, and all their plants are healthy. Every last plant I bought at Ted's is doing well..We found Ted's in the late 80's, early 90's. Oh I just love it.
Check out the website....

The website doesn't discuss indoor plants, but believe me, that's the main reason I go they have lovely annuals/perrenials in spring through fall.

Which Arboretum do you mean? Lincoln Park? There's a few locations. I'd love to go to a Gesneriad show. Whoppee!! lol Have you ever been to this show? Toni

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I'm so surprised I missed Ted's all these years. I lived in a no man's land and had to go south to Kankakee, west to Orland/Tinley or north to Richton/Matteson. Talk about needing a car! It was 7 miles to the nearest grocery store, and I wasn't in rural Montana, lol. I didn't have a lot of houseplants then, though, as I had 3 acres and was outdoor gardening most of the time.

Or, shoot, I said Arboretum...I mean Chicago Botanic Gardens - the ones that aren't in Chicago, lol. I think the show sounds very fun, but I like gessies, lol. I certainly don't need more with hundreds of AVs, at least 35 streps and a few chirita...but there are so many other gessies I don't have, lol. And, no, I haven't been....there is a local chapter of the Il Gesneriad Society and I've been trying to get to one of their meetings. One of the members told me about the show and said there would be nice plants, but to get there early on Saturday because they went fast.

I've never bought from Rob's; nice stock, but I tend to buy leaves and they don't sell leaves. My favorite part, except for when they bloom, is propagating. It's just too fun to create all these new plants! Then I have to find homes for them, lol, but that's not usually too hard. If I don't buy leaves, I trade other growers for them.

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What a difference..moving from 'the country,' to a large, busy city. Which do you prefer?
Have you ever been or ordered from Direct Gardening in Bloomington, IL..they're contracted with sister nurseries under different names?

7 really did need a car. How long have you lived in Chicago?

Ted's doesn't advertise. That's the reason you've never heard of his nursery. They've been in business many many years. Over 40.
I found Ted's by word of mouth..I used to work for a nursery called Rentokil Tropical Plants..met many nice people, employees and customers..One woman and I became friends..she told me about Logee's and Ted's..I used to be a regular Logee's customer, but around 1992 got tired of their overpriced, buggy plants..especially when they went from 4" potted plants that were somewhat expensive, to 2 1/4" potted, tiny plants, at double and tripple the price.

Aw, Chicago Botanical Gardens..have you ever been there? We used to drive north, then ride our bikes 17 miles to BG's green houses. Walk for hours, then get back on the bikes, and drive home. Sometimes we wouldn't get back till 9pm..all in a days time.
I knew BG's had seminars and classes, but because of the distance, never thought about joining. Checking out sale plants is another thing. lol.
You have Chiritas too..they're such beautys. Are they kept in a terrarium?
How early are we talking???

Most AV nurseries sell plants. I bought from a woman who sold 99% leaves back in 2008. When my puter broke, I lost her address..she sold from her house, wasn't a large business..Wish I kept her name. Other than this woman, and Ebay, I never found a nursery that sold leaves. She had Wasp Violets..So pretty. I bought one but it died long ago.
It's nice you know ppl who trade. That's one way to go, especially finding different varieties, and save $.
Do you root in water, soil or both?

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Country vs city? Both, lol. I just am not a big suburb fan - to me it's the worst of both in most cases, not the best. BUT, just my opinion. I love the city, I love the country.

Never heard of Direct Gardenng, either - boy, I'm a slouch when it comes to this stuff! Went to school in Bloomington, though, lol.

I used to be a member of CBG - when I still had my car. Now I don't get there very often. I have a friend who bikes there EVERY morning from Park Ridge! It's a group of serious cyclists - they ride about 30 MPH.

I think the show opens at 10 AM, IIRC. Not sure what he meant when he said they "go fast." By 10:30 or by noon????

What was the woman's name? I don't know everyone who sells by far, but have accumulated a list of quite a few individuals. If you want a list off line, let me know and I'll email them to you. Several sellers have wasps; there is an Ebay auction up right now for leaves from 10 different wasps...not trying to get you to spend money or anything, lol, just sayin'...

I root the vast majority in either soilless mix or sphagnum moss. Occasionally I use water for a leaf that seems fragile and isn't likely to support itself until it can root.

Sounds like you need some new plants, lol. Ah, another victim for my excess propagation habits :-).

The chiritas are just in pots - I only have a few. Once is getting ready to bloom, so I'm guessing it's happy.

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Some of my larger plants go out briefly twice a year (early spring and late autumn) to get thoroughly washed with a garden hose. I allow them to dry (never in direct sun) before returning them to their indoor locations. Otherwise, they are what they are: HOUSE plants.

IMHO, allowing house plants to spend the spring/summer outdoors only invites problems of acclimation and reaclimation, insect infestation, etc. The only exception I make is with some of my old jungle cacti, which I place on a shaded screened porch for abt a 3-week period around Thanksgiving. I get much hearvier bloom when I do that -- especially on Schlumbergera bridgesii.

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Lath. When we moved here from Chicago, it felt like the country. lol.
I wanted out of the city, away from gangs, DD'ers, etc..For a while, drive by shootings were getting out of hand. The police were up to their ears in crime.

While looking for a house, we found a real beauty in Chantam, Il. Four homes atop a hill.
Wooden floors, high ceilings, tons of windows facing all four directions, and land. The price was quite affordable. The only problem, it was too far from our jobs and family. But it was some place!

I have relatives in Alegan Mi. When I was a child, we'd drive to their farm, twice a month and stay the wkend. I was 5 yrs old when our wkend trips started, that I remember, could have been sooner..You know, I'd bet it was then I fell in love with plants. I remember standing in my aunt/uncle's fields, amazed..a happy, good-feeling. Very peaceful.
Watching cows milked, chickens fed. They even had a bee barn, whatever it's called. lol..

Ever hear of Channahon? sp.

How large is Bloomington? Population? If you're driving south on the highway, Direct Gardening's GH's stands out..similar to MG's JG. Remember, driving on the Edens, seeing huge gh's while heading north?? That's how we discovered JG and DG. Drving on the highway.

What did you do at CBG's? Did you work, volunteer or take classes? Do you know where they get their plants, and where tropicals are stored in winter? Maybe it's hush-hush? lol. I love their GH's..The apple garden is so very comforting, too.

Lath, I can't recall the woman's name. Remember, this was about four years ago. I only ordered from her a few times, but her AV leaves were healthy. She never sent wilted leaves.

Yeah, I need more plants about as much as my garden needs dandilions. lol.

What size pots do you grow Chiritas in? Are all small?
Someday, I will purchase one Chirita and one Chim. And one, I think it's a WASP called Big Bands. Long leaves.

Speaking of AV's. I have to perform surgery..their necks are lenghtening again. I'll go to AF forum, and reread how it's done.

Please, LMK if you hear anything more about next wkends plant sale/show..If you get a chance.

Jax..yep, they're called House Plants, but they didn't start growing in someone's home originally..Well, most of ours have never been outside

Pros: fresh air, humidity, 'for plants who need it,' sun, 'not between a pane of glass,' amd rain.

Of course summering plants outdoors has its Cons, too. Carrying in and out, sunburn, outdoor pests, and in some cases, theft.

BRinging plants back in causes a certain amount of stress, but if done gradually, placed in a cool, bright room, a summer outdoors is the same as you or me taking a vacation. Do we not feel stressed returning home?

ALso, as for insects..plants are more prone attracting plant bugs indoors. Moreso in winter when air is dry and stuffy..'especially in cold climates.'

Some plants need summering outdoors..Citrus, Hibiscus, C&S's. Some blooming plants require a cooling period to flower. Keeping them out later in the year, when nights cool down promotes budding..Schlums are a good example.

The same applies to succulents. W/O cool nights, one might never see a bloom on their succulent or cactus.

I'm not saying there is a right or wrong way. If one is happy with their plants progress, continue growing as always. Toni

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"Some plants need summering outdoors..Citrus, Hibiscus, C&S's. Some blooming plants require a cooling period to flower."

Oddly enough a bunch of my Euphorbias just started flowering. I... have no idea why. Even the E. Flanaganii which I am pretty sure didn't get anywhere near enough light since, uh, I bought it, what with the massive etiolation and all.

Then again Euphorbias are weird.

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Amccour. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant to say, some C&S's need a cooling period to bloom. Same with Holiday Cactus, and Azalias.

Citrus and Hibs just like being outside.

Yep, I think Euphorbs like showing-off their blooms.
You have pics of your bloomers? lol, toni

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Toni, how'd the neck surgery go? That's actually how I got interested in Avs. I'd had one for years and it bloomed nicely for me without me doing much to it. I lost it in a house fire.

I have a sleep disorder, so I'm often up at night, tired, but not awake enough to do real work so I read forums, do research, etc. One night I decided to find out why my AV had developed that really long stem and what I could have done about it.

In my research, I found a store selling leaves and thought, Oh, now that I know how to resolve the long neck, I'll buy a couple leaves and start a few plants. As I was looking, I realized that there were literally thousands of AVs! I made myself choose 8 - I thought that was a nice variety and would keep me happy.

Within weeks, I'd order 16 more leaves here, 8 more there, 25 more get the picture.

My mom called me last night and said, "When are we going to the flower show?" So, I'm off to Navy Pier tomorrow morning (Thursday). If anyone's going, let me know.

I haven't decide on the Gesneriad show, though I'd love to go. I don't have a car, so it would be hard to get there and it's my hubby's birthday dinner that night at his mom's house. She eats early and it would be hard for me to get there on public and get back in time for dinner.

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