Plant for Bathroom and Hanging Basket?

botanical_drifterFebruary 10, 2011

Looking for some recommendations for the bathroom in a hanging basket. There is a nice size window that gets east-west light. The glass is frosted so the light isn't direct.

I have a couple of Anthuriums on the window sill in the shower that are doing well. They are watered well once a week and seem to like this routine.

I had a Spider Plant in the hanging basket. It would get a good soak once a week as well. It was growing ok but the leaves would bend and look droopy. Not enough water?

Any suggestions for new plants to try? Christmas cactus? Pothos?



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I know a plant that would thrive in that kind of environment!

A Hoya. Mine loves my bathroom window with the same lighting. It especially loves the humidity from the showers. Here are some beautiful Hoya.

And boy can they be fragrant.


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Hi. I was thinking Lipstick or Hoya, but then read your window has 'frosted glass.'

If your Spider Plant foliage bent and started drooping, it could have been caused by over-watering, 'watering shouldn't be done on a schedule,' besides Spiders endure less light than Lipsticks and Hoyas. Especially if you'd like to see them bloom.

How long have your Anthuriums been on the sill? They love the humidity, but need at least, minimum light to thrive let along flower.

Pothos live just about anywhere, including lower light areas.

Hey Mike, Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Folks,

Spider plants can be tricky for some folks because of the watering I think.

Long before I knew about faster draining mixes I grew a large spider plant over my kitchen table. As it became potbound I saw how its roots got quite thick & fleshy & I realize years later that's somehow why it liked a good drying out btwn waterings. Mine grew, bloomed & had lots of babies 'til it got too large & I was afraid it would crash on to the table. Was quite pretty w/ long strands of blooms.

Anyway, sorry to digress w/ nostalgia for my old plant, but here's the tip, try adjusting your watering. Maybe water LESS frequently & see if the leaves perk up a bit if you let it go 3-4 days longer than you were watering. You can play around w/ varying that &/or or maybe make your mix faster draining. Either of those may help.

I grow Pothos in clear glasses of water in my Bathroom, I don't even bother w/ mix, just for some easy greenery in there.

While Hoyas are a great suggestion & some folks know me to be at Hoya Forum as well, they aren't exactly fast bloomers. I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up about fragrance any time too soon (indoors).

I confess I DO have potted Hoyas in my frosted glass west window bathroom; they do well w/ the dappled light of frosted glass. The Hoya Kerrii grows like mad.

One can always try a couple of different things: can be fun to play around & experiment.

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You are sure right about that.

Many Hoya are not exactly fast bloomers, although some seem to have no problem at all getting theirs to flower many times a year depending on the species and location.

But I will tell you that I am love with the one in my window, even though it has not yet bloomed, just for the foliage alone. It has so many beautiful colors, that I would be just as conten without blooms, something the Hoya forum has helped me appreciate.

Just the foliage alone can be very dazzling. Hundreds of different kinds and so many colors and shapes.
Now I look at blooms as an added bonus.

Watch out though, you may catch the Hoya fever if you try one.

I will post mine that hangs in my bathroom sometime this weekend Bontanical_drifter.

Have a great day all:-)

Hey Toni!


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Karen..I agree with you, especially about trying different plants. Do your Hoyas bloom?
I don't have frosted windows in this house, but growing up, our bathroom windows were frosted. The bathroom was dark...maybe newer frosted windows aren't so gloomy?? :)

Mike, I also agree with you. Light depends on species.
H. Lanceolata and Carnosa 'Pixie' prefer shadier rooms. A west or south window, in summer, will burn Pixie's leaves.

Like Karen said, it'd be fun buying new plants, and experimenting. Still, I'd avoid any plant that is meant for 'high light.' Good luck, and have fun, Toni

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Forgot to add..What about Ferns? There are many types around. Check out ferns with thick, leathery leaves. They're easy to grow, and thrives in shade or medium light.

Another is 'Cissus' Grape or Kangaroo Ivy.. They're vines, and leaves are stunning. Toni

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ID say a Boston Fern would do great in a bathroom. They like the humidity and indirect light.

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