Moldy squash(fruits and leaves)?

rustyolranger4x4July 20, 2009

Ok im in zone 8 here in north florida, I have a raised bed garden with nothing special done to it. I have crook neck squash planted and havent had to many problems with them aside from a bit of a pickle worm problem last month. Here lately alot of my squash have been getting what looks like mold growing on them not all just some, id say 50% and now its starting to show up on the leaves pretty bad. Anyone know what this is and how to fix it? Ive added in some pictures, hopefully it works....Thanks!

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It is mold as you suspect. Possibly it is botrytis.

You should remove all infected parts of the plant and treat it with a fungicide. Use either a biological fungicide like Seranade or a sulfur or copper based one. I'm guessing that wet conditions may contribute to this also.


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Thanks for the info, and just incase it may appear to be a real wet location its actually not. The pictures were taken about 6am when I got off work and had just watered the garden. Thanks!

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