Another ZZ plant post!

seaecho1(SW CA)February 5, 2006

I keep hearing such wonderful things about ZZ plants, but have never seen one for sale in my area. The other day I was at Lowe's and they had several dozen little plants (about 4-5" long in 3" pots, but no name tag on any of them. When I asked the checker to check on it, she scanned the pot and said, "It just says ZZ plant." I was surprised. I took the plant back, but now, of course I'm regretting not buying one. The only reason I didn't was because I keep reading they can get very large. But I also have read they are very easy, undemanding plants that grow slowly. My question is should I go back and get it? And just HOW slowly will it grow? Can I safely prune it when it starts getting too big?


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YES go back and get it! They do grow slowly that is why they are so $$$$$. I am told they only grow 1 or 2 new stems a year.
Here is mine and I paid 50 for it...and that was marked down 20%! It is in a 10 inch pot.

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Definitely go back and get them!! In fact I may need to go to my Lowes to see if they have them too. These are fast becoming my most favorite plant. I wish I new how long I've had mine, it might give you more perspective on growing speed. It's not fast but not slow like a snake plant. Mine generally puts up new stalks a couple of times a year. In fact, are doing so right now. I was afraid they wouldn't this year as I split them in the fall, but they seem to have recovered from the shock and are looking good.


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Yes, go back and get one! They're great. I have 3 of them. You can find them all over now, Home depot,Lowes, good local garden centers.Don't worry about them getting large, it would take them a LONG TIME to get really big.


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

This plant has the shiniest leaves of any plant Ive seen, they almost look like theyre made of plastic!

How much were they selling them for? (Ive never seen one for sale over here but then we dont plant shop that often)

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AndrewH(z8 Vanc. WA)

I bought a couple at Target two years ago in 8" pots for $14.99 each. A little pricey compared to plants of comparable size, but I love my ZZs.

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seaecho1(SW CA)

Globluedjm, that's a GORGEOUS plant! Wow! I went back and got one of the babies today. The one I got is 9" tall. 2/3 of the ZZs were gone, and its only been a few days! Looks like I got there just in time. Mine was $6.79 and its in a 4" pot, so I agree, they are pricey, considering its still quite a small plant. But I'm still glad I got it. I'm happy!


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grice(z5 Michigan)

So happy you went back for the zz! They are one of the easiest to care for and so nice to look at. Just as someone stated, the leaves are so green and shiny that they almost look unreal.
I had been looking for one for some time when I finally got lucky last July at Lowes. They had dozens and dozens of them(though they were not marked correctly). The only thing "major" that I have done to mine was to pot it up (from 6" -8")and wipe the leaves periodically.
I paid less than $10.00 for mine and now see them at Lowes,Home Depot,Target,and occasionally at Walmart.
I just love this plant and it apparently is happy cause since I brought it home it has put out six new stalks and is starting another.
Good luck with the zz.

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Thanks Randi. I wanted one and looked for months and saw it so it followed me home! LOL! It is flat on one side sort of so fits a wall perfectly. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I woiuld think that $6.79 would be cheap for a ZZ plant, I would imagine to pay about £20 for one over here!

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

If anyone in the Oklahoma area is looking for a ZZ, try Wal-Mart. I was in a local w-m about a week ago and they had a bunch of really nice size zzs for less than $10. They're all in desperate need of repotting, but other than that, they were beautiful. I would have gotten one, but I really don't have the space for a big one like that right now.

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Okay friends, don't jump on me..we all have our own opinions on plants..Imay have a plant u guys hate, right? I have a ZZ but really don't care for it..actually had two, but just 'gave' one away to a girl I met online..They're okay, but not my favorite..sorry, please don't get upset w/me..okay? (S)

RAndi, if you liked the way it looked, then be happy you bought it. I think they're expensive cause like Cast Iron plants, they're difficult to kill, live in most light and are slow-growing..If you've ever thought about buying a cast iron you'll see what I mean about the price. Toni

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Toni, I'm with you here. I just dont find them that interesting. We all have our likes and dislikes...many love the Peace lily, but I cant stand mine! It's growing like crazy, but it's kind of boring to me. So I'll probably be finding it a new home soon.


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Jen, whew, I'm happy someone agrees w/me..LOL. Maybe if it bloomed I'd feel differently, but it just sits Orchids are great when they flower, but other times of the yr again they sit like feel the same w/Amaryllis..Ironically, I have all the above mentioned plants. LOL. Would I give them up? Probably not..
I love the huge Moa Loa, spelling, the huge peace lily..but I dont have room..I have a varigatead peace lily that I like, and once had a mini that had a silver stripe which died. But the medium sized, plain green peace lily's I can do without..I do NOT own one of these. Norfolk Island Pines I can do without, too. Toni

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I've been looking for this plant for the past yr! I live in West TX and have looked in nurseries, store and specialty stores. Any other suggestions as to where I can find it? What about online stores?

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Well, I just got one yesterday daniel so keep looking. I got mine at my favorite nursery. Isn't it funny how some people just love them. For me, it qualities that I like. An easy keeper that won't wilt away if I am a day late watering it. Infact, I am hoping to water it every friday or every other friday for the rest of my life(or some schedule like that) And it has beautiful green leaves and a nice structure that every time I walk by it for the rest of my life I will say-what a pretty plant-kind of like the little gollum ovata that I really like.

Well, maybe I am giving this plant a bit too high expectations. After all, I have only had it for 2 days! And really, what sort of life expectancy does this plant have. I will have to let my children know about these wishes.

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Daniel, HD has very small ones in 4inch pots for $7 here in southern ca.

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thanx ill keep looking!

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Found mine at Wal-Mart in Del Rio last month. It was $6.97 and it is about 24" high in a 6" pot. Crowded. It was so full of plants. Love it.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Surprised some folks are finding this to be an expensive plant to purchase.

This was $7.50 at Lowes. 6" pot, 24" tall if measured from the floor. Pot is actually bulging on one side from the plant pushing against it.

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Great plants but just watch out for overwatering! Keep as succulents. I keep mine underplanted to prevent overwatering.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I've often thought about what was said above by Toni and a couple others, about how some of us have plants we don't much care for that others are very pleased with, and I don't know about you but I have plants I like a lot that when I show others they look at me like I'm nuts. (Well, I plead guilty there!) But wouldn't it be boring if we all liked exactly the same plants? Kinda like those areas with very particular home owners' associations, where they do things like measure the depth of your mulch and inform you if it's not deep enough. That actually happened to my daughter. I think I'd rather live in the wilds! I half expect the cops to come ask about the plant light in my front window! (But by the way, I love my ZZ.)

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Now paul's plant and price seem reasonable to me. The one I saw wasn't anywhere near that size both in height and width.

I wouldn't mind paying that price, but not the one I saw. LOL

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Where are you guys finding this plant? I still can't find any here at the Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Oh well, I so jealous of you all! = ) thanks for posting still!

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I absolutely love this plant..the more crowded the better it grows..I summer out doors and mine grows alot faster then what you guys are saying,one season and the pot was full and it was simply beautiful


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nycteris(Z5a OH)

I paid quite a bit for my 6" plant ($22.50) but it has put out SO MANY branches SO FAST I can't believe it.
I love this plant. I've had it about 3 months, here in my office cube.

Actually... when do you repot one of these?

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I just made my first real plant purchase and I dont' want to mess it up. I bought a ZZ and have some questions:

How much and how often should I water it?

I have it in front of a line of 3 north facing windows where it gets light, but not direct sun. It's stems are about 2.5ft tall filling in at around 2ft in diameter.

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I bought mine in Feb in a 6in pot for $15. It's the most expensive plant I have, but I don't mind. There's a few things I've learnt and anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

ZZ's can withstand lower light levels, but the stems will get leggy, so brighter light is preferable. However, avoid direct sun as the leaves burn easily. They also enjoy being somewhat potbound and like snake plants should only be potted up when growth is very tight or when the roots start to crack the pot. I water mine between every 4-6 weeks. It'll tell you when you're overwatering with yellow leaves before rot sets in. I fertilize mine when I water with a 1/4 strength fertilizer and it seems to enjoy it seeing as it has about 4 new stems shooting up pretty quickly.

If any of that was off base, I'd appreciate any corrections, though my ZZ has been doing very well.

Good luck with your ZZs everyone and happy growing.

P.S. Toni. It's perfectly fine you don't really like ZZs (I love mine), but everyone is entitled to their opinion...considering I'm not a huge fan of AVs...I have one and that's good enough for me. Don't get me wrong. I love my AV...I just don't need more than one. =)

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These plants are so beautiful. I have one in my office that is about 6 years old. It is HUGE. It looks artificial. People have actually thought it was fake. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. I bet it's 3 feet tall. I water mine every Friday and that's it. If I forget, it's ok. It can wait till the following Friday or the next after that. What a tough, pleasing plant to grow!

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Absolutely gorgeous plants! Great pictures you all! Let me figure out how to apply a photo of my own so I can share with ya'll my beauty, I've lovingly named her Monique, my very mature ZZ plant.
Seems like I've been over watering her, I go back to see her every 2 or 3 days (she's in the back bedroom) and I water her then. I keep the slats on the window shutters barely slit so that down tilted sunlight filters in on her. I've also keep tabs on a calandar to stick plant food spikes in the soil every 3 months. I use Miracle Grow potting soil, novice soil I know now, but Monique is thriving. I'm guessing she's about 6 years old, at least. I've had her since 2005, my mom gave her to me because she was bored and impatient, Monique consisted of only 2 stalks when she was given to me. She's HUGE now, I've since repotted her 3 times, the last potting moved her to what I hope will be her permanent pot, it's a 24" fiberglass pot, HUGE! I ensured the drainage plug was open and have provided a drip tray underneath...never ever have I watered too much where there has been drainage.

Just this past month, Monique produced 3 "flowers" at once! I captured it with my digital camera, photos soon to follow?

Oh yeah, about once a year I've taken to spraying Monique's leaves with Shultz's (sp?) leaf shine spray. I cover the soil before I douse the plant and then with a clean cloth I gently rub dry. She really seems to like this.

As I said, she's thriving, so large it's monsterously scary. I'm too afraid to stry seperating her bulbs, my luck I'd kill her. Any ideas? I'd first go to my local nursery and ask for their advice before I attempt to do such a thing, but for the time being, the 24" pot seems to be just what she needs.

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In a 24 inch pot depending on the soil you probably only need to water once a month.
Do not use the leaf shine spray. It does more harm then good. It affects how the plant gets light, air etc. INstead just wipe them clean with a moist towel or sponge.
I'm guessing by the size of it in 2005 it is way over potted which leads to overwatering.
Mine is now twice the size it was in my post above and just put into 20 inch. I've probably got 30+ stalks.

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I just purchased my first ZZ plant. I will post with photos. I don't know what attracted me to this plant I just had to have it.

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I've been trying to know what's the nane of
the plant so can research it in the internet/ Found a whole lot of them at Home Depot. Price? - 21.00.

I really don't care about prices for as long as I get what i liked! To me, $21.00 is okay for a long-time searc.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

If no one has said its name yet it's Zamioculcas zamifolia, an odd member of the Aroid family.

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