A plant only I could love!

kaykay-08(5)February 19, 2011

Honestly, I don't even Love it! It was My first plant over ten years ago. A beautiful, Full, Shiny Pothos. I was so excited. It's such an easy plant to care for, (it practically takes care of it's self!)

As orchids and violets came and died, It lived!As cactus and succulents shriveled under my watchful, over watering eye, it lived. As my collection grew and i figured out what I could keep not only alive but thriving, It lived!

Now it sits in pot in a spare room spindly and missing leaves at least 8 inches from the soil to the growth that reaches the floor. It's such a homely plant. Some days I contemplate just throwing it out or cutting it back and letting it start fresh. But I just keep it the way it is and think about how one little plant purchased over 10 years started an obsession of trial, error, Propagation, seed collection, and searching clearance racks for plants that i can take home and give new life to.

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kaykay-08, reminds me of the saying, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step".

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:) Very true!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Aw, give the poor thing a big ol' haircut so it can look pretty again! If it's any kind of reasonable condition, you can make several stem cuttings (don't lose track of which end is 'up') and stick them in a pot, too!

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I second Rhizo's suggestion. Take some cuttings. I root Pothos in water, but some prefer soil. After they root, stick them in the same plant w/mom.
Your Pothos will be compact.
BTW, have you repotted, added fresh soil or fertilized in the last 10 yrs? Toni

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Thanks for the comments all! I have made cuttings for friends in the past! Yes Toni the poor thing has been re potted and fertilized in the past! I have to admit though it's been awhile.

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Kay, don't feel bad. I won't dare say the number of years my Pothos has been in the same pot, same soil, and w/o fertilizer..lol..

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I'm thinking a new soil/repot is in order as well. Especially if you said it's been awhile. I think I would try all of the above. Repot and Haircut!

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They grow so fast; I find that mine look spindly quickly if I don't stay on top of trimming (and I never do). I hate cutting off all those long strands and throwing them away (how many does one need and I've given away cuttings to everyone I know and some I don't know). I have learned to throw them away down the trash shoot so I won't try to rescue them, lol.

But, in a month or so when the new growth starts, a few strands are spilling over, and they look so full and perky? It's totally worth it!

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The guilt has gotten the best of me! I gave the guy a massive haircut and started some newbies! Re potting should take place
in a few weeks(ish)!

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Boy, can't believe I wrote trash shoot! I must have been tired, lol.

Trash chute, I meant. Too funny.

Kaykay-08, I'm sure it's a much better looking plant, or at least will be when it adds just a bit of growth. Maybe I cut too much, lol, because they're always sort of naked looking at first.

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I also have a Pothos (my very 1st Plant in US) It's 12 years old, even older than my Cat (she is 11) So, I'm determined to keep it alive :) So, I took some cuttings from my hanging Pothos, made it climb this time. It looks great :)

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I have one too! It was my second plant after a stock of lucky bamboo.
I found mine on top of a dumpster in the city.. guess some shop threw it out because it was looking bedraggled.

It's kind of the plant I experiment on now, lol.
But I still love it so much.

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