Raising plants for fairs and shows

Moosetrackz(9)February 20, 2012

Hi :)

Ive been gardening for a few years now and do pretty well growing roses, succulents and tropical plants. I went to a plant show and the fair and saw all the beautiful plants entered in the shows. I thought it might be neat to enter one myself. I was just wondering if anyone here knows anything about showing plants and if their are certain plants that do well in fairs.

I don't have anything really exotic or impressive. My best plant is a huge spider plant in a hanging basket. Would that be a good show plant? I don't know if they have to be an exotic or uncommon plant to do any good in shows. Well I just thought it might be a fun hobby and any info you guys have would be great. Thanks.

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Google your state's state fair 2012 and see what comes up. You could also try "plant shows (your town/county/state)". My state's fair page has the categories and requirements to show listed, so I should think that yours would too.


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I entered some plants in my fair this year, and did well this year. I got a Best in Show for my African violet dish garden and a Best in Class for my draceana marginata entered under "Houseplant" though the goat ate it the day I brought it in...

If you're entering it in the fair, likely the judge may not know a ton about our your specific plant vareity. Our fair has the Master Gardners judge it. I was told they give "bonus points" if your plant is tricky to grow. They're looking for the biggest, greenest, showy-est plant there. Check in with your Extension Office. They usually have some information on the fair and how to enter them. I know we have to bring our plants in early to get them identified and prove we have been growing them at least 60 days before the show.

I don't have any information of plant shows as I have never shown in one before.

Hope it helps!

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If you have an interest in a particular type of plant you can also look to see if there is a local plant club nearby, and see if they have a show. Personally, I have an interest in african violets and the "other" gesneriads. When I lived in Houston I was a member of the local african violet club that puts on an annual show. I entered several plants, did well, and that encouraged me to earn my judge's certification. It can be quite rewarding.


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