Do you see the hitchhiker?

luvidaho_2010(5/6)February 27, 2012

I bought this lipstick plant last fall at Walmart just before they turned off the heat in their plant area. It was pretty rough looking but has made a nice recovery, even has a few flowers right now.

When I got home with it I found a small segment of Thanksgiving cactus among the leaves when I was cleaning it up. I just stuck the segment into the soil just to see if it would root. I found new growth on the segment today so it must have rooted.

So do I now have a Thanksgiving lipstick cactus? LOL

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Haha, that's cute. It looks like it has rooted; it's nice getting two plants for the price of one. :)

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I have a similar thing.............

After being outside on the deck all summer, seems a squirrel or chipmunk buried an acorn in my ficus plant (with pothos). I left it in there, just to see if new leaves will appear this spring.

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Now that I think about it, I also have seen something similar (Unfortunately, I don't have a photo). A few months after purchasing some species of aloe, my Mother noticed a white poinsettia had appeared out of nowhere and was growing along side it. She has never owned a poinsettia so she's still not sure where it came from.

@elkay, squirrels or chipmunks are forever burying something in our pots (or as in the case with my Mother's plants... eating it!).

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plantomaniac, it was fun getting 2 plants. I didn't expect the TC to root, it was really limp and dehydrated.
elkay, we have squirrels to, I am always finding whole walnuts in pots, flowerbeds, and even in the lawn. None have rooted though.

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@luvidaho_2010, I bet! Hopefully it will continue to grow bigger for you and down the road, produce some blooms! :)

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