"jwmitch" Supporting your Monstera

dellis326 (Danny)February 5, 2013

I've received an email from another member with no return address given to me by Gardenweb. Maybe it will be of interest to others.
James (jwmitch)
The way you sent your email wouldn't allow me to respond directly to you so I'm answering your question here.

A photo of your plant would really help but my Rhaphidophora (referenced in this thread "Best way to grow/support monstera deliciosa?") is mostly held to the post by a nylon strap. The aerial roots usually just hang down and I aim them into the soil when they get long enough but there are a few that have grown around the post, The post is too dry so the roots normally don't even try to grab onto it, at least I believe that it the case because it has grabbed hold of the wall and window frame it is next to but I cut it off of those, They are normally cooler then room temperature so they absorb more moisture then the bamboo. A tree branch with bark might have worked better.

Personally I would not prune yours back if you're going to mount it on a post unless there is some reason you need to do it. Use a dark strap or rope if you don't want it to be as noticeable. If your plant is heavy use a strap or rope that is at least 3/8" or 1cm in diameter or wide so it doesn't cut into it. Hold the vine against the support and wrap the rope around it, pull it snug but not tight enough to crush the tissue of the vine. Work your way up the support 8 - 10 inches at a time and tie a knot in it every two or three turns. Keep going until your run of of vine or post.

This is how I've done it, Maybe you will find a way better suited to you or maybe someone else will chime in here with their own solutions to this problem.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Dellis.
I received a message as well, with no means to reply.


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