Dracaena surculosa

sjbaby(4)February 28, 2014

Thanks to peoples help i have figured out i do have a Dracaena surculosa. question is when i got it, it was half frozen and it is a small plant, no i didnt buy it, i am kinda the last stand for plants,it is warmed up and settled in now, leaves dont look wilted, i am going to do more research but is there any advice out there?

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Hello, Sjbaby...

I have D. surculosa, but it's barely hanging on.
Hope yours is doing better.

My guy stays in a west window, pretty much, year round.
Like most plants, I allow soil to dry between watering, but not to the point foliage wilts..not too much anyway. :)

D. surculosa doesn't like wet feet, it will rot, however they require humidity.
Weekly showering and daily misting increases humidity..leaves attract dust, showering washes off the dust.
Avoid leaf shine products.

Of all my Dracaenas, surculosa grows the slowest.

Have a photo? Toni
Are the leaves frost-bitten? If frozen, leaves turn gray-black.

Have a photo by chance?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Try to find something other than tap water for it. No direct sun this summer. Agreed, this plant grows s-l-o-w-l-y!

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none of the leaves are discolored, but i am worried about the roots, it is tiny, there are only 7 leaves, i didnt buy it and kinda ended up with it as a last ditch effort. around here if it is dead or dieing they send it to me. they left it in there car in single digit weather all day so no actual frost touched it. i am hoping i can get it through till it warms up then i have the perfect spot for it outside for the summer.

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