Finally scored a nice Ficus Elastica cutting!

bsmith717(6)March 22, 2013

I know that may sound strange but for some reason its been tough for me. I had a Dr appointment with one of my favorite Md's and there in the room with us was a big ole' Rubber tree with really nice looking coloration.

So I asked Doc for a piece and he happily obliged!

I normally propagate using the tried and true water/cup/window method but I thought id try something different this time, straight perlite.

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wndy_gardenweb(USDA z4b)

Wow what a beautiful-looking plant! I am like you, previously I just plunked plants in water... but recently I put some cuttings in a perlite mix. I hope it works out for you!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Be sure to keep the perlite moist. If this were my gorgeous cutting, I'd cut off that lower leaf and loosely tent it wth a baggie. I often use perlite to root cuttings.

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Thanks for the comments!

Pearlite at least allows somewhat of a presentable look to the plants during this process. Plus, I'm hoping its quicker than the W/C/W method.

Rhizo-I was contemplating removing that leaf too. But what would tenting the cut do and what's that process?

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

In my experience, Perlite dries out bvery quickly. if it were me, i would put it in sterile seed starting mix, cut the bottom leaf like rizo said, and water and seal in plastc bags. rubber tree dont root well in water

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From what I've read and generally seen, and I am quite new to this so take it as a grain of salt, but generally the cutting is much shorter. Like 3 - 5 inches. The bottom leaf usually rests on the top of the soil acting somewhat as a support as it leans on the edge of its container. And it's usually in soil, not perlite. There is a good convo going on about it in this thread:

You'll have to scoll way down to see, but there is lots of talk and debate on whats the best way to grow from cuttings and it would be so easy for you to change it up right now as you are only in the very beginning stages.

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Thank you for the link. I got a brief chance to scan the thread and there's a lot of good info there.

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Very Interesting!

I was unaware I could grow this plant from a cutting!!

Next time I visit my parents I'm gonna have to get a cutting from my mothers rubber tree!

I may turn my indoors into the outdoors before im through lol!!

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That's a fantastic idea in my opinion!

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