Spring Is Almost Here- New Plant Stands

greattigerdane(z5NY)March 17, 2008

I couldn't make up my mind which one to buy, so I bought them both!

Now I have the 'Chore' of having to go buy plants for them. Will this vicious cycle EVER end?

Billy Rae

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Oh, let's hope not, Billy Rae! Those are great stands--no wonder you succumbed. Here's to many more plants, and many more stands!

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

I love them! They are both so cute and unique. You have great taste. Let us know what plants you get for them! All part of the fun, eh? : )


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Thanks for your nice comments Greenelbows and Jen.

There is another one I have an eye on, lol, it's wiry and what I think is victorian looking like these two, only the top is big (round) almost a foot and half across with individual thin curved wires that go up about 4" and then roll over the edge all the way around. It's large enough to hold up to about 7 or 8 4" potted plants.

Not sure what I want to put in them yet but I'm sure something at the plant store will holler out my name:O)

Billy Rae

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karen715(z5 IL)

Very pretty stands; I know you'll pick something perfect for them. Billy Rae, I have to tell you that I have your Webshots houseplant album bookmarked. I watch it as a slideshow when I need a little inspiration. Your plants are lovely and your settings for them (pots, stands, hangers, and just the general decor) look so elegant.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

These really are beauties, I think I would have had to buy them too. Where do you find such lovely things pls?

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Hi karen,
Thank you for your very kind words (blushing) I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the slide-show. I hope to add more plants and maybe another new plant stand soon!

Hi Karen (pirate girl)
This place is 15 minutes away called, "Home Goods" which sells all kinds of (I have to have it) things. Many whimsical things and practical things as too, but who needs practical?

The store never has the same things, it changes all the time, so once something is gone, it's gone. So if you like something, better grab it! If you go back for it, it probably won't be there! Many things they have is just ONE of that particular item.

The online site doesn't do "all what they have" justice at all, but you can take a peak. I read on the site that there is a "Home Goods" in the Yonkers area if you ever want to go take a look, I'm sure you'll buy something! I'm assuming they all have the same type of things. I never leave that place empty handed!

Billy Rae

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Goods

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Hi Billy Rae, beautiful stands! I was wondering if you would be kind enough to post your website address, the one that is a slideshow with your houseplants. I would love to see them! Thanks.


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Thank you Eileen!

Here's the slide-show for ya!

Billy Rae

Here is a link that might be useful: Slide-Show

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plantlover_2008(zone 5 MO)

Your plants are sooo beautiful Billy Rae!!! How do you keep those ferns looking so good inside through the winter? I have never seen a variagated peace lilly before. I am just starting out with plants. I have just bought some episcias that are small right now. Would you be interested in some trades in the future? Would love to know how you take care of them so well. I see why karen715 has that bookmarked.


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I just bookmarked it, too. Billy Rae, that Boston fern on the stand is just the most incredible one I have ever seen anywhere! And the areca palm, beautiful! You definitely have the touch when it comes to hoyas, I couldn't even tell you which was my favorite they were all so lovely..thank you so much for creating and sharing your site, it really made my day.


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I loved that boston fern also and was very envious of all the hoyas and especially appreciated how you identified everything. The slide show was an exceptional educational experience for me...thank you! Diane

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I learned when you first bring a fern into your house, it WILL slowly and painfully (for us owners) drop many dry brown fronds and tips all over the place for a while. After the "molt" is over, the new growth comes in that's more adaptaptable to our lower light, so they need to shed the old stuff like crazy, kinda like a ficus tree does. I just keep the soil moist throughout the ordeal. Keep plucking, or cutting the dead and drying stuff off. In a few months (maybe a little longer) you'll have a nice green healthy looking fern. In the winter you'll always have a little shedding, but nothing at all like it was. Just keep treating it like nothing is happening and keep it on the moist side, even though half of it is on the floor! The bad part is over and now even in the winter it will be nice and green. Just keep it as far away from heating vents as you can. Mine is maybe 18'-20' away. I have to say this too, I never mist any of my plants, including the ferns.
At the moment I'm not doing any trading, but maybe in the future ok?


I have two Boston ferns, the big one (over 85 yrs old) given to me by a friend and one in a hanging 8" pot.The big one on the stand lost so many fronds (they snapped near the rim of the pot) from bouncing up and down as it was being carried out to come here, then loaded onto a truck and laid on it's side. That's why the top looks so flat. The leaves before were more like spray before the move, but it's doing good now, lots of new "spray" growth.I need to take another picture of it.


I'm glad you were able to see the plants! I just wish I had more room for a ton of more! You wouldn't believe how many times I'm sure (I'm not the only one) who has knocked over a plant or plant(s) and right after they were watered too! Messy!
I might get another hoya for one of the plant stands when it gets warmer, well, maybe just a couple more:O)

Thanks again for all the nice comments!
Billy Rae

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Billy Rae, would it be safe to say that hoya is your favorite plant..just absolutely beautiful you would make many plant lovers jealous I must have done something wrong because I didn't see the names of the plants..I'm interested in the begonia with the spots on the leaves..is it possible for you to point in the direction of a site where I could find this plant..beautiful,beautiful, beautiful.


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Hi Marion,

Oh yes, I love hoyas! I don't have a ton of them like some people do, but I'm happy with what I have. I want to get a couple more though:>)

I purchased the spotted begonia (angel wing) at a local nursery. I was just there a few days ago and bought a couple euphorbia milii plants (crown of thorns) They didn't have any right now for sale, or I'd gladly pick one up for you.I think I paid like only $5 for it.
Ebay sells them as well if you want to take a look.

Billy Rae

Here is a link that might be useful: Angel wing begonia

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Billy Rae, I checked the link but was disappointed because none of the plants were as beautiful as yours..I have one but the spots aren't the same..that was really a nice offer that you made to pick me one up..if you could I would greatly appreciate it and you know I would pay you for your time and postage


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You should keep checking ebay now and then, it's bound to come up!

I don't know if the nursery I go to will have anymore of the angel wings like mine or not, if they do, I'll email you!
I probably won't go back though until maybe, July/Aug or so.

Billy Rae

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Color me green!! with envy that is. How lucky you are to have room for all those plants...sigh. I'm in the motorhome and only have the back bunk area available for growing. You get to lavish in all that greenery with new plantstands even...loved the slideshow. They all look so healthy!

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phal pal,

Thanks for taking a peek!

Well, I'm quickly running out of room, so that's about it for any more new plants, at least for now anyway!

Billy Rae

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There is a cute plant stand called the "Small Chair Plant Stand". It is different and unique. Great for an empty corner.
See link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Chair Plant Stand

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