Problem with Pumpkin Plants

l1oness(5)July 6, 2012

It's been very hot here the last week (approx 100 degrees daily), and humid. The last couple of days my pumpkin plant has been looking rough, and many leaves are yellowing, and those are wilted with brown edges. What could be going on?

I don't see any frass near the stem and I don't see any powerdy stuff, but it appears to be also impacting one of it's neighbors - a zucchini plant. I cut off all of the yellow and disposed of it, but do I have to get rid of the plant? Could my spray (its a sulfur based spray) be hurting it instead of preventing diseases?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

How much of the plant is affected? If it is only a few leaves, then I would not worry much. Keep checking for SVB entry points to be sure though, look all over the stems, not just at the base, they can make their way in anywhere, and a dying leaf could signal their entry... Also, unless you are having problems, I would discontinue the sulphur spray.

Encouraging your pumpkin to take root at a few point along the vine can help with overall growth as well, and can save the plant if it is attacked by SVBs... Just cover a few sections at leaf nodes with soil and keep those areas moist... They will take root in a week or two...just don't encourage it to root too close to where a fruit may set, so the vine can still flex as the fruit enlarges.

Have you fertilized at all they may just be in need of some nutrients, pumpkins and squash are pretty heavy feeders...

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I took off about 6 of the leaves today, so I was a little concerned. I'll try the rooting of the stem thing, and fertilize a bit - maybe that's all it needs. It was quite a bit off the one vine - and almost all near the main root.

I found SVB eggs and removed them a couple of weeks ago, hence I started the treatment - but I'll keep watching for them.

Thank you for any help.

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Good luck, you may want to place a small stake or something at the areas on the vine you root, so you don't forget where to water later on as the season progresses.

I would check back to your post too as others might chime in with different ideas about what might be happening.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

It's been very hot.

Keeping up with the water needs of huge-leaved plants -- others, too -- can be a challenge. Perhaps you should rig temporary shade well above the plants.

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That might be part of it - I came home this afternoon and the pumpkins were very wilted. They seem to be recovering now that it's cooling down out. Tomorrow should be close to 20 degrees cooler. I'll try the shade method to see if that helps.

Thank you both!

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