I hate spider mites!!!

courtneysgardenJuly 17, 2014

Been having spider mite issues for a while now- I have a small herb & veggies patio garden and they were infesting a few of my basil plants, then some green beans & cucumber plants, and now i found them on my sage plants, possibly my rosemary too but its harder to see on that plant. Hard to believe a bug so tiny can damage plants so much! They are the ones that look like little reddish brown specs.

Anyways- was wondering if anyone has had success getting rid of these things with an easy, affordable and organic method? I use the herbs to cook with so I'm hesitant to spray anything on them- so far what I've been doing is to remove either the infected foliage or all the foliage and let the plant grow back. It works for a while and sometimes the plant doesn't get them again after that, but they will turn up on another plant in my garden.

Please and thanks for any advice!

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Spider mites like dry, dusty conditions. So, try to remedy that 1st. They have many predators also So, in the future, look into creating an insectary to attract beneficial insects. For the now, neem oil helps, also wettable sulfur. Word of warning though -- do not use together... make sure there's 2 months time in between a sulfur treatment and a horticultural oil treatment.

Good luck.


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I have a question on this topic. I have been told so many times to never to get the leaves wet on plants but spider mites love dry conditions so what do you all do? I think I do remedy this situation by trying to block another problem so it may not ever be an issue for me. I spray water mixed with a small amount of raw milk or potassium bicarbonate to avoid fungus and blight on my plant leaves, completely soaking them every two weeks or so. I prefer prevention. But do you all just do a quick water spray in the morning knowing it will dry? Thanks!

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gardengal: It's true. Overhead watering is discouraged with many veggies because of fungal issues. But your spraying an anti-fungicide, so the practice isn't so frowned upon then. At least that's what I've reasoned.

As far as the quick spray every morning thing. Dunno how others do it. I mulch with keeps moisture in and reduces dust and occasionally give the mulch a good soaking. and yes, in the morn.

And you're doing the right thing in being proactive with prevention. Usually, it's identify, then treat. But with mildews and fungal issues, it's always best to treat before you see the symptoms.


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Thank you, Kevin! Mulch is just great all around :). I didn't even think about the dust aspect. That's helpful for hard rain storms too. I am happier with prevention this year than last year's discovery and treat, yikes. Newbie gardener to raised beds last year and had lots to learn lol and still learning. Thanks again and hope your garden is doing well!

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