Eggplant pollination

mccoml(9)July 21, 2012

My eggplant aren't pollinating. They are in a raised bed that gets sun until 1pm, then is partially shaded. I haven't had problems with the heat due as I know other have had, and have watered them when needed. They've had flowers on them for about a month, but no fruit. The flowers aren't dropping, so I'm assuming it's not from the heat. I am growing black beauties, and have tried hand pollinating with a brush, which hasn't worked so far. I've heard conflicting opinions on them being wind pollinated, and a very specific vibration pollination. I found a youtube video of someone attempting hand pollinating with a vibrating razor, but am trying to hold onto my sanity. I have other OP plants that are open pollinating-pepper, tomatoes, although the pollination on the tomatoes have declined significantly as well-even though there's significant flowering. Any suggestions? Just bad time of year?

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howelbama(7 NJ)

They just take a while sometimes. A lot of times, the first flush of flowers on mine won't set any fruit, then the following flushes of flowers do. Probably just need to be patient.

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