Algerian Ivy Help

grrr4200(z3 MI)March 12, 2012

I bought a plant in the reduced bin this evening at my local grocery store. Although i am familiar with Algerian Ivy's i'm even more familiar with killing them. I have a great green thumb but a black thumb when it comes to ivy's.. haha

At any rate. Is there anyone with advice on how they get their algerians to grow well? I've read up on them in the houseplant expert but all attempts at keeping these things alive hasn't worked.

Why i bought another one is beyond me... hoping to get some great advice from fellow planties here! Thanks so much!

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I can believe that they are challenging as a houseplant. They resent warm/dry winter temps in the house. Try to keep as cool as possible over the winter. I ended up planting mine outside, under an overhang of the house and it is doing fine and starting to spread and climb. they are cold hardy to around 7b. I like them even though I ripped out a strand of common English Ivy that had taken over my island of Hemlocks--darn things grew up into the Hemlocks and suffocating them!

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Not recommended as a house keep it forever plant it in your landscape

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