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epiprenMarch 3, 2008

Anyone have any tips on how to make a home-made climbing pole for indoor monstera and pothos? I've searched every store and the only thing I found is a bamboo stick which I think is too smooth and hard for climbing vines to attach to.

Any info would be appreciated.

A thorough search only turned up discussion about pvc pipes and some sort of cloth. Thanks.

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bihai(zone 9)

I use PVC pipe covered with Cocofiber. I use PVC because it won't rot (ever) and wrap it with the fiber mat that they make for lining those wire baskets.

You can also make one by buying mesh netting (or recycling old onion bags), taking a length of PVC and wrapping up sphagnum moss over the pvc with the mesh.

I use aluminum fencing fire to secure mine, but you can use fishing line. Don't use will rot when it gets wet.

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Thanks! Now just to locate the cocofiber. Is a nursery the right place to look? I don't think I've seen that at the big box stores.

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bihai(zone 9)

You need to look specifically for basket liners. The Cocofiber is condensed into the form of the basket, and sold separately from the wire basket. They come in traditional "dish" sizes, there are usually 3 (for 10", 14" and one larger size basket) and in long narrow sizes for window boxes. The window box type is easiest to adapt to totem making.

I get mine at Home Depot and Lowes, you might have to ask. Its usually in outdoor garden by the orchid stuff.

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Thanks! I found it! One more question. Rather than wrapping coco fiber around pvc, what about stuffing it into rolled chicken wire?

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I made the the growing pole for the pothos:

Coco fiber wrapped in chicken wire around a pvc pipe.

Looks nice, but I'm not sure roots will actually grow into it - the coco fiber hardly holds any water if at all.

What's your experience?

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barbwatkins(z7 Arkansas)

wow, do you think that will work with morning glories? Do you think they will climb up the moss or cocoa fiber?

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I have found that using the 'wet' variety of floral foam, cuty and shaped as desired (can be made to replicate a real branch), with a pressure treated, or sealed wooden 1/4" dowel, or bamboo stake pushed down through the foam and into the soil of the pot for support works well (even better to do at repotting time so you can ensure stability by bracing the bottom of the stick in the pot, making sure it goes all the way down, and if you make the entire stick before placing soil/plant in the pot, you can have the foam go all the way down too, which will encourage the foam to soak up water through capillary action). The foam can be wrapped in sphagnum moss and because it is wet foam, has excellent water retention, and the aerial roots can easily grow into the foam, just ensure that the foam stays moist.

Happy growing!

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