Will a PineApple plant die after it fruits?

plant_junkie(6)March 2, 2010

This is something ive been curious about for a while. Im sorry if this question get asked alot. After a few hours of watching youtube videos and cruising the web I have been unable to find out whether the mommy plant is toast after it fruits. The reason for my wondering is because I want to grow one and eventually eat the fruit, but would be devestaed if after I eat the puney fruit the plant dies after all my hard work. I say puney because I will not be able to fully provide its needs because I will be growing it indoors durring the winter and oustide durring the summer in a pot. I am not fortunate enough to live where I could plop them in the ground. Thank you for your time :)


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Like other bromiliads, the 'mother' pineapple will not produce another fruit itself. But she will develop one or several off sets which will subsequently reproduce. That may not happen in container culture.

Commercially, pineapples are allowed to stay in the field through 2 or 3 cycles, before the fields are prepared anew. Guess when all the profits are realized?

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Well that settles it. I will not be growing one. That seems like way too much effort for such a little fruit and then poof its dead and I have to start over. Thats the one thing about bromeliads that I dislike, after they bloom they die. Too me that seems like a waste of money and love lol. Thank you for your reply!!


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It's funny, because that's one of the things I really like about bromeliads, is that after they bloom they propagate themselves. But then, I grow mine for the foliage; I don't necessarily care whether they ever bloom or fruit.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I agree, Mr. S. They are a never ending supply of color and interest.

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I agree that they have beautiful foliage and that they have no problems propagating themselves. I like to take small plants are grow them large so they will bloom but if they die after it, its kind of hard for me to say good bye. I do have two bromeliads both of which are from shoots. They grow well and arent too picky but its always sad when they die.


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The mother pineapple can actually send up a second fruit from... somewhere. It's referred to as a rattoon fruit. I think, so it's not like they die IMMEDIATELY after fruiting.

If the fruit you get from a pineapple is small -- like, baseball-sized instead of commercially-grown-pineapple sized -- it might mean the plant is too small when it flowers. I think three feet in diameter is probably the minimum size you can get normalish-sized fruit from, although I've heard some people say they need to be about five feet in diameter. Of course, there are also varieties of pineapple that just stay really tiny.

Also if you don't want it to flower and die, you could probably just keep it indoors most of the year. That'll really stunt its growth and it'll take forever to do anything. Keeping it potbound might not work, though.

Pineapples are pretty easy and I'm usually terrible with bromeliads. The only big issues are that they're sort of rot prone when not in active growth (they're technically succulents. The thing with epiphytic bromeliads where you fill the cup with water is not really a good idea with pineapples) and they need a lot of fertilizer when they ARE growing because they tend to develop some sort of mineral deficiencies. I think it's iron or something. Or at least mine do. It makes the new growth yellow and really narrow. You'll know it when you see it.

Also they can get incredibly sharp.

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Thank you for all your help guys. I decided to grow one. I left the crown out over night and potted it up last night in a well draining mix. I hope it will root out, because they are a beautiful plant. And if it dies, it dies. Thats the nature of nature I guess. Thank you for your support. I will report and post pictures when i get new growth or a dead pineapple crown :)


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Two questions:

Did you remove as much of the fruit from the crown as possible? Ideally, you just want to grab the leafy stuff on top of the fruit, twist, and pull it out. That's what you're growing. Also it seems to help if you slice off thin layers of the developing stem tissue till you see root buds.

Even if you cut the top off, it can still work. You just need to get all/most of the fruit off, because the fruit will start to rot which, in turn, can rot out the part you're trying to grow.

Second, did you use rooting hormone? Not helpful or necessary with all plants, but it makes a *big* difference with pineapples, especially if it has fungicidal compounds in it as well.

Good luck!

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