bonnie spyder plants

sjbaby(4)March 11, 2014

i do great with regular spyder plants, green and white, white and green doesint matter they do great. but i have nothing but trouble with bonnies, what am i doing wrong what needs to be done different? i just got a new one about a month ago and it is doing good but i want it to keep doing good, any advice?

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Could you specify what kind of trouble you're having? That would help narrow down the advice we can give you to your specific issues.

Also, tell us more about your plant, i.e. how you're growing it. What lighting is it receiving (South window, indoors, outdoors, dark corner), how often do you water, is it in the original soil, etc.

Not to sound impolite, but you should be careful having your e-mail address displayed for everyone to see. I believe most of us who want to allow others to e-mail us have our setting set to "allow only members to see my e-mail address). Just some fyi for your safety.


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it sits in a bright room with large west facing windows but not in direct light, water when dry, i give it a shower and let it drain about an hour, it is in a soil with bark and other stuff in it for drainage, dont rember what all is in it i get it at a local nursery, they mix it. it is not a normal store bought soil. all my other plants do great, and my other spyder plants do great, but bonnies just seem to wilt and die leaves first, it is kinda damp,then when it is dry to the touch when i dig down a bit then i water. as for the email, i dont know where that setting is, but i would be happy to change it

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and i dont generally fertalise(sp) durring the winter

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Wow, that's detailed lol (not used to that). Hmm... I don't know what to say to be honest. Nothing jumps out at me like that's the issue, right there! Sorry, I hope someone else will chime and have an answer to your question. I wish I could of been more help. :/

With respect to your e-mail address setting, in the top right corner where you click on "Login", once you login, it will display "Your Profile" instead. Click on that, and I believe it's near the bottom of the page, it says "Show my e-mail address to:" and it has a drop down lost that says Member, no one, and everyone. I think most set there's to Member.


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i forgot to add i keep a pot of boilling water on the stove all winter for humidity, my daughter gets nose bleeds so i have to keep it humid. all the plants are in the kitchen/livingroom combo so it stays humid in the winter. in the summer it gets kinda dry but i water with rain water when i can, and mist. a lot of my plants go outside for the summer, considering keeping my bonnies in this summer unlike the other spyder plants the bonnie i had last year was doing kinda ok till i adjusted it to being out side then it just died. so far this one is still doing good, i hope it stays that way, it is hard to find them in this town. HD got a few in but before i could buy them they sent them back because they thought they were just sick spyder plants, yes that is how smart they are around here about house plants. garden plants abound, but WM and HD are the only place to get house plants in this town. we have two nurserys but they are seasonal and dont carry house plants.

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after one month

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in both pictures you can see the leaves starting to brown, in the past they will just dry up a leaf at a time till it is dead, do the pics help. i hope so, i dont want to lose another one.

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I'm sorry I don't know what's causing the leaves to brown like that. I know 'Spider Plants' tend to brown at the tips from lack of humidity and/or fluoride in their water. Do you know if your water has fluoride? I wish I knew more, but I haven't had the issue you're having with my 'Bonnie' or any other 'Spider plants' I've owned. I wish I could be of more help, but I honestly don't know what's going on with your plant. :\

I hope someone else will chime in.


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any one else have any ideas?

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Something somehwhere inside the pot is pinching roots causing a root area to be to wet.

In another words
An area inside the pot is not taking up the water properly when you give it, water is perched ( stuck) somewhere in the pot.

IMO indicates you might want to repot your plant for yourself in a pot that has better drainage holes on the bottom and a looser soil to help the alleged when dry watering times to drain freely ( or evenly).

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