Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana)

Lesprit_de_escalierMarch 14, 2011

I have my Lucky Bamboo in a fish bowl, with a fish. The fish has been living well, it is a beta, and I am certain there aren't contaminates in the water. The bamboo had to survive a shirt trip through the cold to get here, where it is now. I noticed one of the four stalks leaves were lightened, leaning towards yellow or lime. Another stalks leaves has began lightening, and the base if the stalk is whitish now (the roots are all orange). Is this normal? Could the bamboo be in too much water? It is next to a window that is consistently covered by a curtain. Should I move the plant away from the window, in any case? the bamboo stalks are submerged at different levels and some are larger, but the largest is fine and under the most water. The stalk that has turned light at the base and it's leaves is the next largest, and slightly less submerged. Size and submergence fallows. The deepest is about three inches.

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karate626(7A Maryland)

This plant is commonly sold as an aquatic plant but it isn't. It'll last a while in the water but will slowly start to decline. I believe it is native to rainforest so it can handle the being fully submerged for a while but not forever. It would do better in a pot with soil.


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Lesprit...How long have you had Lucky Bamboo in the tank?
You mentioned no contaminates. Are you adding chemicals in the water, like No-Chlor?

How much water covers each plant? Are roots completely submerged under water?

You said the window is completely covered. Is your plant getting any light source?
If leaves are paling, your LB isn't getting enough light. LB doesn't require blazing sun, but needs light..

Leaves pale for different reasons, but I'd bet, 'if your tank/plant is in a dark room,' lack of light is the problem.

If you remove the curtain, will it be too cold for your Beta? Toni

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