Prayer plant stub alive but no growth; will it grow??

pharaonessMarch 19, 2010

One of my prayer plants (or maranta leuconera) has given new growth and is looking great. However, the one next to it just remains a stub, and has been this way for over 6 months now with no signs of new growth!!!

Please look at my pictures at the link below my post. Will it grow, or? Why is it remaining like this? It does have a root, I have checked. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Phara..your Maranta needs more light..the colors are faded. Unless it's in direct sun, which made the colors pale. Is it in a window, and if so, which direction?

As for the stub, it might get side growth..
One thing you can do, using a sharp pair of scissors or pruners, remove the upper brown growth..the top is dead. Toni

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It is at a west-facing window (all windows in my apartment are west-facing), gets indirect light. Okay, I will cut that part. Will this induce side-growth? Thank you!

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i have a prayer plant that always looks wilted even after i water it.i can't figure out what's wrong with!

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Gary..There's a number of reasons Marantas/Prayer Plants wilt. Below are some examples.

Harsh sun.
Extra large container.
Constantly wet soil. (prolonged periods)
Extremely dry soil. (prolonged periods)
Hot room.
Dry air.

Do any of the reasons apply to your Prayer Plant? Toni

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