zucchini leaves dying

Bethany84July 7, 2011

Hi all,

I am new to gardening so please excuse me if I ask dumb questions. :) I have 3 zucchini plants, and all were doing great for a few months. In mid- May I got my first zucchini, and since then I have got maybe 15 more. However, the last few weeks the bottom leaves on all my plants have been getting dry and yellowing, then turning brown. I have been cutting them off (should I be doing this?) but then soon the leaves above that spot do the same. Also, most of the leaves unless they are brand new growth have brown sections and are lighter green than the new leaves, but the veins are still green. At first, it did not seem to affect the zucchinis and they continued to grow big and healthy. But this week, most of the new tiny females have turned yellow and the flower dries up before it has had a chance to open. It has been very hot (I'm in California and we have been having 100+ degree weather) but I have been trying to keep the plants well watered. But could the weather be the cause? I have heard that zucchini usually does well in hot weather. One last thing: I have occasionally found little spiders and spider webs on the leaves... they seem to be eating bugs though. But could they be hurting the plant?

Thanks in advance for the help! I am trying to figure out how to post pics as I am having a hard time describing the problem exactly. The first picture shows white powdery spots that just showed up today. :(

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They are showing signs of powdery mildew and other age related grief, if I had your situation, I would pull them and plant new starts from your local nursery, they will be producing in short order and trying to revive these will be futile...at best ;-)

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The pots are way too small.

As was said, the powdery stuff on the leaves is powdery mildew.

The fruits with the brown end is lack of pollination. You may need to be the bee.

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Dan Staley

All comes from a tiny pot for a large plant.


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Thanks everyone for the comments! The pot is a 15" diameter, what should it be? And I have been hand pollenating my zucchinis since the beginning as I am not sure if the bees are doing it. The one in the picture never had a flower that opened, it just turned brown and fell off.

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These other posters are perceptive, I never even noticed the pots, that is another reason I love this forum ;-)

Definitely get the biggest pot you can find, (if you can't plant it in the ground), they really need a lot of room to spread their roots ;-)

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