Calathea rufibarba question (beginner)

spandexthunderMarch 10, 2014

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to the forum (be gentle...).

I have a great calathea rufibarba that I have had for just under a year - over the past few days it seems to have deteriorated quickly - several of the older leaves have turned dry and crunchy and curled up, other newer leaves are very pale and some even yellow.

I have been watering the plant only when the top of the soil is dry, but have not let it dry out completely. It seemed to cope well with the central heating over the winter and I made sure I misted it regularly.

I have done nothing different in the past weeks which is why I am a little confused over its rapid deterioration.

Can anyone offer any help?
Could it be light (too much, too little?) - it is not situated in bright light, but in a quite shady area.
Could it be water (too much, too little?)
Or is it dreaded root rot?!

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

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Howdy...This winter has been the harshest, coldest and driest ever.

Would you happen to know the humidity in the room your Calathea is placed?

Since leaves are brown and crispy, I think you're not watering enough.

Water thoroughly..until water seeps out of drainage holes.
When soil is slightly dry, give it another drink.

Which direction does your Calathea face, and what's the distance?

Cut brown leaves off..No sense leaving them on..they are unsightly. Believe me, my poor Cals have seen better days.

Do you have a photo? Toni

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maranta and calathea normally loose old leaves in spring - new leaves grow from a rhizome. you should be able to see some new spikes when temps go up to 70s.

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Hi, thanks for the replies and apologies for the late response!

Unfortunately I think the plant was beyond saving - I removed all the brown leaves and removed it from the pot to find that the lower half of the soil was still very wet (so I don't think it was underwatering?!) and I suspect it had root rot.....I tried drying out the soil and removing what looked like some of the rotted roots and replaced it in its position (which was south west facing, about 6 feet from the window) and over the following days it deteriorated even further - with the whole plant wilting significantly. I've since abandoned it :( but bought another, fingers crossed this one will fare better.

@hopefulauthor - I suspect your implication about humidity was the key - since I was (i think) watering it regularly enough I think it was probably just too dry in the room it was in - am looking into a pebble tray for the new plant to help.



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