Lunaria annua (silver dollar plant)

TuckamoreMarch 26, 2013

I know this is an outdoor plant, but has anyone had any experience with growing this plant as a houseplant?

I had quite a few seeds so I am going to pot some, be nice if someone can give me some pointers


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I dont see how that be possible. i personally think they are best left outside

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As I said Im in a northern region so I have quite a bit of a wait until growing season.

I know they will grow inside, just wondering how well they will grow.

I know a lady that grew an orange tree inside her home that produced an orange, this tree was an indoor tree only; and it was given no special treatment.

So I figure if an orange can grow, why not these guys? lol

Ive grown other "outdoor" plants inside before and they did quite well.

Anyway, no harm in trying!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It's a biennial, so it will take 2 years to fruit, which means it will want a cool rest for the first winter and will die after it fruits. .... can't hurt to try.


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If you have the seeds, why not try?

One problem growing annuals and biennials indoors is spider mites.
Marigolds grow indoors, too, but during winter there's a good chance they'll end up with mites before flowers.
But, growing garden plants indoors isn't an imposibility.

Lack of light and fresh air are other problems.

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Thanks for the advice!

The thing I love about growing things is the challenge, thats why I always like to try new plants and see how they will react to different conditions.

sometimes you win, sometimes you lose..


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Hi Tuck - did you end up trying this out? Just curious how it worked out. I have some seeds laying around as well and was thinking of giving this a go. Any hints/tips?

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