Pothos help!

pm2bMarch 6, 2009

Hi, I'm new to the whole plant world and recently went to Lowes and bought a Pothos ( Marble Queen). 2 Ivy plants ( California fan, and Millenium). and one Jade Plant.. i gotta say i bought them bcz i thought maybe they'd help the air in our home.. Since the tab that came with the Pothos said low light, i took it and hung it in my room, its not next to a window, its about 20 feet from a window, but i always leave the blinds open. I brought the plant downstairs today and was looking at it, and some of the leaves on the end of the branch are curling up. is that normal?it that new growth? or is it dying? one of the leaves also turned completely yellow :(. i know that can't be good.

any help i can get i would really apperciate it. i know i'm new to this stuff and i have been reading about the plants i bought and i certainly don't want them to die! :).. is there a way to post pictures on this forum?? i took some of the plants, but i'm new here and still learning about the site.


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ok, i got it :)

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i just found this on my plant. isn't this a bug of some sort?? how so i get rid of it??

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I can't help you with growing conditions for the Jade or the Ivy since I have never grown them myself. The pothos though I have. There are a lot of reasons that that leaf has turned yellow, the soil could be too wet, not enough light, or it is just old. The curl in the leaves you are seeing is normal, that is the way that pothos leaves grow in. The white thing in the last photo could be a root forming or it could be a mealiebug. If it is fuzzy than it is a bug. The pothos should be isolated from the other plants and just use rubbing alcohol on it. A couple of my pothos in the past have gotten mealies, but they were never that hard to get rid of. Use a cottonswap dipped in alcohol and coat the little (stuff) with it. If you see a lot of them on the plant there are more time effective solutions, like using an insecticidal soap.
Good luck with your new plants. Pothos really are a dream for an easy care houseplant... oh and they are supposed to help with air quality.

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Ivie's do well in bright indirect light, watered well when getting close to drying, but not yet dried out.They are prone to spidermites, so keep a watch on that.

Jades like direct sun, although I have seen leaves burn if it's too much or given too much suddenly. Water well when dry.

Pothos do best in bright indirect light with a small amount of direct sun, or dapple light instead of low light. Water well when dry, or very close to it.
Seeing that you just bought your Pothos, the brown dry spots or ywlloeing on the leaves are probably reacting to the lower light levels, incorrect watering, or perhaps both.
With better light other then low, they tend to stay more bushier. Keeping them at a certain length also helps keep them more fuller looking.

Billy Rae

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daw_etc(8 Cen CA)

Yeah, that looks like a little root growing.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry folks, I'm pretty sure that's not a root on the Pothos. That is a mealy bug. Requires isolation from the rest of your plants (like in another room) as it's very contagious & could spread to your Jade.

Alcohol on q-tips & dab it at the white fuzz bit. If it darkens afterwards it's a mealy bug (I'm betting it is).

Pothos roots are long & slender, usually light colored or white. Their root nubs are dark, neither are fuzzy, so the white in that pic looking fuzzy is a mealy bug.

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Can someone plz tell me whats wrong with the plant when it has lil brown rimmed "chew holes" all over the leaves? Its basically like something has been chewing random holes everywhere. Also i bought another pothos(ivy)plant the other day, and i dont know if i should repot it or not. I mean I think i should because it looks like its choking to death and it has all these crazy looking roots sticking off just about all the vines that have turned black and shriveled, and theres barely any dirt in the pot, just all these thick vines and roots that look like they'll bite me..What should I do???PLEASE HELP MEEEE!!!! I WOULD POST PICTURES BUT I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THAT:(

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Time to repot.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Also, pls. try a search on "How to Post Pictures", there's material there to help you. Also a Test Forum to try it on.

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i am new here and i love this site! i am a new plant owner and am excited to have a place to converse & share about them.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I'm sure we all share a similar excitement in discovering someone new to add to the list of those of us who gain, in our own individual ways, whatever it is we gain, from nurturing our plants. Welcome!


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yes- WELCOME!! Loads of info and help here, look it up first, get what you can, then ask if it isn't what you need. I am ALWAYS asking and so far, nobody has complained.. least not to me-- lol.

Again- welcome

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grrr4200(z3 MI)

My pothos love light. Especially my marble queens. Id say start moving the plant closer to the window and watch how much you're watering (just to be on the safe side). Many plants that i come into contact with at a store other then a greenhouse have a tendency to be overwatered. With that white thing i'd do as pirate girl suggested and dab it with alcohol to see if it's a mealy bug. If it is, i'd definitely check the whole plant over and any plants that may be around it for signs of the same. I developed mealy bugs practically overnight and they are hell to get rid of! I wish you the best of luck with your new plants!

Im terrible at growing ivys so i cannot for the life of me give you any valuable advice. However Jades love sun. The brighter the better!

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I am new here...I had a quick question....I have 3 pothos, my cousin and I were repotting them; she cut some of the roots off. My question (may be stupid) is with the roots she cut can a plant grow from that or just throw them out? Also I would love for them to climb, how do I do that?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

No, sorry Mrs,. G., these can't be grown from just roots (yes, those trimmed root bits should be discarded), one needs a bit of stem w/ at least one node (the knuckle-like looking joint from which leaves & or roots will grow).

I see you're new, welcome & just so you know for next time, it's best to start a new thread for a new question.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

that is absolutely not a mealy bug. that is a nod that they grow so in nature as the stems climb on a tree or they climb along the ground they can take root to get more nutriment or cling to a tree to reach sunlight. if it was mealy bugs, they would be shorter and more spread out. trust me i have had mealy bugs before and they spread

Here is a link that might be useful: tinypic

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Teengardener is correct except for the spelling of the word node.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This discussion is 3 years old and was resurrected Wednesday. There is no need to continue diagnosing the original picture.

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