Difference between beaucarneas

zusyaMarch 10, 2010

Hello folks!

Does anyone know if there is a difference between beaucarnea recurvata and beaucarna guatemalensis? Just got the aforementioned at IKEA, and I can't figure out if it's a labeling issue or if they really are distinct.

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B recurvata is named after the shape of their leaves..Long and recurving.
B. Guatemalensis has wide, twisting, trailing leaves.

Ikea 'if all sell the same types,' mainly deal with B. recurvatas..

I once saw a beautiful, '6-7' B. Guatemalensis at Home Depot..It was gorgeous..wavy leaves trailed from the top, to the bottom of pot..oh what a sight! If only I had the room I'd have snatched it up..lol..Toni

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thanks toni! still not sure which one I have... guess I'll have to wait for the foliage to really get going :)

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If you haven't already you should totally repot it. IKEA uses a lot of suppliers and many of them use very, very, bizarre and horrible potting soil.

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